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Has anyone bought a memory foam mattress and regretted it?

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Celery Mon 14-Jul-08 16:27:14

Trying to decide between memory foam or pillow-topped sprung. What do you reckon?

Celery Mon 14-Jul-08 17:12:30


Celery Mon 14-Jul-08 20:52:26


Dragonhart Mon 14-Jul-08 21:05:16

I have a cheaper memory foam mattress and it is rubbish! Will be replacing it as soon as I can afford to.

My dsis has a sprung mattress with a memory foam top and she says it is great. Suppose you get what you pay for though as she paid 3x what I did!

BettySpaghetti Mon 14-Jul-08 21:08:34

I'm interested to know this too as we're about to embark on buying a mattress -I have visions of spending a fortune on a memory foam one and deciding that its not for us.

One night on a MF mattress in a hotel was great but scared that every night will not be great

ChirpyGirl Mon 14-Jul-08 21:12:17

My bro has a memory foam mattress and swears by it but whenever we go and stay we get his bed (he lives at home still) and I hate it. I find it puts my arm to sleep when I lie on my side and just feels 'solid' IYSWIM.
And dd hates it as it doesn't bounce grin

Daffodilly Mon 14-Jul-08 21:14:56

They can also be very hot. We had one while I was pg with DD1. Found it good for pg aches and pains, but stopped using it after giving birth.

Now pg with #2 and aches and pains starting all over so it my yet come in handy again.

Pinkveto Mon 14-Jul-08 21:15:45

I have a tempur, I love love love it. But it is toasty.

Madlentileater Mon 14-Jul-08 21:17:36

We have a sprung mattress with memory foam topping, and I still get a positive enjoyment several months after getting it. Tis warm, as some have said. However, on no account buy one from MFI.

Yorky Mon 14-Jul-08 21:20:46

DH was really keen on getting an MF mattress but fortunately we went to a bed shop and lay n one before parting with cash, as I hated it - think soggy sponge.
We got a firm sprung one with built in MT topper which is wonderful, strongly recommend

bogie Mon 14-Jul-08 21:23:16

I love mine and it was quite a cheap one

Elloeise Mon 14-Jul-08 21:27:01

Both my ds and i have memory foam mattress (that cost more than i'd like to think about) but they are both very comfortable although they tend to be warm for some reason, and after only a year the springs in mine have started to squeak when dp stays blush

The heat is no problem for me however ds does sometomes require the fan on even with windows open and very light quit, bearing in mind that his bed is next to the wall and he has a bed rail on the other side so is a bit closed in.

Dp also has one and again it's a dream to sleep in (it's one of those you close your eyes and your away types), it is a warm bed and the matterale has started to go 'baggie' over the middle though i dont know wheater it was expensive or not or how long hes had it.

blimey Wed 16-Jul-08 23:21:57

I bought a good one and found it fine, DH gets back pain from time to time and he thought it made his worse, so I regretted expensive purchase. I am trying to sell it but not getting much interest so I guess people aren't too keen on second hand even though it has washable covers and is more hygienic than normal mattresses! shame you can't "test drive" these things for a few nights!

amazonianwoman Wed 16-Jul-08 23:24:52

No, love love love ours, best investment we've made for ages.

It was v expensive (memory foam, no springs, not Tempur - heard too many mixed reviews) but worth it.

DH (who could sleep on the floor) even loves it grin

treacletart Thu 17-Jul-08 00:05:27

We bought a very inexpensive memory foam topper from an ebay seller (around £50)and its fantastic! Although I did find I got weird neck ache until I got some memory foam pillows too. I love it and its not been uncomfortably hot so far - that was my big worry.

BettySpaghetti Thu 17-Jul-08 09:32:08

blimey-was yours a pure foam one or was it sprung with memory foam on the top?

I initially wanted just foam but am now coming round to the idea of the pocket sprung with a layer of MF. I think I'm just scared that the pure foam one would be too much for my back to adjust to( like your DH?)

WilfSell Thu 17-Jul-08 09:36:43

Nope. I love mine. It is a Tempur one.

My considerable neck, back, hip and pelvis problems caused by three pregnancies with massive babies and no stomach muscles, are virtually cured now I don't get scrunched up in bed. I sleep so much better (well apart from the kids waking me up). I sometimes wake in the same position I fell asleep...

I will never go back.

WilfSell Thu 17-Jul-08 09:38:05

By the way, you can 'test drive' the tempur ones (I don't work for them!) for 60 days I think. We didn't in the end, bought one direct from a shop as cheaper.

But I bet if you tried a good shop (John Lewis) they'd probably let you trial it too?

blimey Thu 17-Jul-08 22:39:02

mine is a pure memory foam one - relyon superking 20cm thick
if you can test drive I would definitely suggest that as the way forward because for some things you just cannot tell until you have spent a few nights on it

QOD Thu 17-Jul-08 22:41:51

my memory foam lost its memory, got it replaced free, same, got our money back.
load of shite!

geekgirl Thu 17-Jul-08 22:43:56

I luuurve ours - it's wonderful, we've had it for 1.5 years now and I still look forward to getting into bed every day .
I got it from - they were very helpful re. deciding which depth of memory foam to get etc.

OneLieIn Thu 17-Jul-08 22:50:58

We have a tempur and it is brill. Kids have mem foam too and great!

quickerthistimeplease Thu 17-Jul-08 23:16:30

My husband is quite sweaty at night (nice) and we were told in the shop not to buy memory foam as it doesn't ventilate as well. So if either of you are sweaty beasts i'd give it a miss grin

amazonianwoman Fri 18-Jul-08 14:17:14

We switched to much lower tog duvet, and no sweating grin

And I was fairly sweaty, prob pre-menopausal night sweats hmm

cocolepew Fri 18-Jul-08 14:19:35

I have a memory foam mattress topper, can get them for about £100 now. I love it, it really helped with my sore hip.

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