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silly question about beds...

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mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:29:22

so how much bigger is a kingsize mattress than a normal double mattress?

Mutt Mon 14-Jul-08 13:30:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:35:40

thanks mutt... so only an extra 6 inches...

FAQ Mon 14-Jul-08 13:37:16

yes - only 6 inches - but makes a HUGE difference

mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:39:20

does it really? and i do mean the mattress !

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Mon 14-Jul-08 13:40:15

what about a superking?

mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:41:09

ooh... how big are superkings sir digby?

hanaflowerisnothana Mon 14-Jul-08 13:41:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:42:58

how big? how big? where can i get a superking futon mattress anyone?

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Mon 14-Jul-08 13:54:03

oh sorry i was asking how big a super king was (we're on the market for something that can hold us and kid and dog)

cazzybabs Mon 14-Jul-08 13:55:49

A superking is likte 2 singles pushed together

mankymummy Mon 14-Jul-08 13:58:56

aha... im trying to fit me, 6ft6in DP and very wriggly son who comes in at 4am and lies diagonally across the bed !

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