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need advice on a good buggy for a 1 month trip

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SimonTheDad Sun 13-Jul-08 23:57:18

we are off to Brasil for a month and do not want to take the big bulky quinny. Can anyone recommed a comfy and light push chair that is not too expensive?

superloopy Mon 14-Jul-08 00:44:58

When our DD was 6mo we came to Oz for a month. We bought a cheap Chicco pram from toys r us, about £50 I think. It had hood, basket, rain cover and came in a zip up bag which was great when we put it on the plane.
DD is now 4yo and we will probably use it for DS 6mo. It is a great light weight spare pram.
kinda like this one
Also because it was so cheap we weren't bothered if it got a bit battered. How old is your LO?

superloopy Mon 14-Jul-08 00:47:02

Oh I also bought a sheep skin for DD to sit on as it made the seat more comfy and it kept her cooler in the heat.

SofiaAmes Mon 14-Jul-08 00:50:51

I used our basic McClaren for all our travels. Worked wonderfully for everything except beaches. In the hilltowns of tuscany, instead of pushing up the steep hill, we'd pull the buggy behind us like a cart...
It was nice to have something that folded up so small and was light.
In any case you will find that basically just about everywhere you go besides England, people are super friendly and helpful and a light buggy is really all you will need because everything else will be available.

3girlies Mon 14-Jul-08 10:47:13

Maclaren for sure, get one that reclines like a Quest, folds up small too.

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