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Does anyone know whether a 12" or 14" bike with stabilisers is suitable for a 3-4 year old?

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bodiddly Sun 13-Jul-08 20:43:00

Thinking of getting one for my ds for christmas when he will be a couple of months shy of 4. I have been looking on ebay but am not sure whether a 12" bike or a 14" bike is more suitable. I am only going to buy something cheap and cheerful so if he grows out of it fairly quickly then I am not too worried! What do your little ones have?

bodiddly Sun 13-Jul-08 21:00:57


Olihan Sun 13-Jul-08 21:01:32

I'd get a 14", unless he's very short. My small 2.11yo has a 12" and it's diddy.

Tesco direct had some good offers on bikes when we were looking - dd's cost £17.50 I think.

gemmiegoatlegs Sun 13-Jul-08 21:03:00

I would also go for 14"

Sawyer64 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:05:05

ToysRus have got a sale on at the moment too.

We have just bought our DD1 4yrs old a Bike,and it was 14", she isn't small for her age and has long legs,so this size was better for her.

The ToysRus ones are £29.99.Our one was cheap in Argos too.HTH

Sawyer64 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:06:34

Oh yeah,The Argos one comes with Helmet,and Knee and Elbow pads, as well.

bodiddly Sun 13-Jul-08 21:07:29

thanks for that ... I was thinking of bidding on a tonka one on ebay but it is only 12" so maybe I will hold off. It was pretty much new ... and cheap! He is fairly tall but doesn't have very long legs. Perhaps I will try and measure him - I just don't want to get him involved in picking etc as he will want it before Christmas that way!

accessorizequeen Sun 13-Jul-08 22:32:37

I got ds1 a 12" one for his 3rd birthday, he's still fine on it but would buy a 14" for a four year old to get the use out of it (you can normally adjust the seat). We got a fire chief one from Halfords, was £35 on sale I think but we have got the use out of it, best pressie we've ever bought him!

pgwithnumber3 Sun 13-Jul-08 22:34:31

Definitely go for a 14", he would only get a few months out of a 12". DD is average height and been riding her 14" since she was 4.

bodiddly Mon 14-Jul-08 19:35:35

ok, you have convinced me .. I will keep my eye out for a 14" bargain!

flack Mon 14-Jul-08 19:51:51

DS is average height for a barely 4yo & is currently riding a 12".
Without stabilisers (for last 6 weeks).
Depends on frame geometry, but he can't manage the 14" bikes we have (several blush).
I would go for 12" wheels myself. All my dc learnt to ride w/o stabs on the 12" (age 3-5).
They need an undersized bike to balance w/o stabilisers.

tassisssss Mon 14-Jul-08 20:01:07

as flack has just said a smaller bike is easier to learn to cycle without stabilisers.

ds got a 16" bike (tesco bargain) for his 4th b'day on the advice of the lovely man in Halfords based on the fact that he was tall enough for it. A year on he'd hardly cycled it (with stabilisers) as it was too big and heavy. Then we were given a 14" hand on and he's just learned to cycle it without stabilisers. We were out for a walk/cycle after tea tonight and I was thinking that he looked far too big for it, but it's given him the confidence to go for it! He was 5 in April and the 14" is perfect for him so I'd consider a 12" if your wee guy's still going to be 3.

pgwithnumber3 Mon 14-Jul-08 21:27:26

I 100% agree that a 12 inch is easier to ride without stabilisers but if is used to the 14 inch with stabilisers he should be okay. Can you put stabilisers on a 14 inch though?

Heated Mon 14-Jul-08 21:35:10

This Xmas, ds then aged 3.8 had a 14" bike. We measured him against the height chart at Halfords which suggested the 12" one but when he sat on it his legs were clearly too long. In fact my dd aged nearly 2 could just about fit the 12" one.

bodiddly Mon 14-Jul-08 21:43:13

god just when I had decided on the 14" everyone is confusing me again!

pgwithnumber3 Mon 14-Jul-08 21:46:42

I really think a 12 inch would be a waste of money, he would be growing out of it within a few months. As long as he can have stabilisers on a 14 inch, I would go for that.

Love2bake Mon 14-Jul-08 21:53:03

My 4 y/o has just got a 16 inch bike and it's a perfect size for him, and he is just a normal height.

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