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Please can someone talk me through how to collapse my double nipper?

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tassisssss Sun 13-Jul-08 19:49:20

I have a fab 2nd hand double nipper that I've used a fair bit over the past 5 weeks with my newborn and toddler, but I've always walked with it from the house where it lives in the garage. Tomorrow I need to take it out and about in the car and I can't figure out how to collapse it to get it in the boot. Going slightly mad trying. Please help!!

MilaMae Sun 13-Jul-08 19:53:59

Take the safety pin out(if it has one).

Undo the side clips,they kind of lift up,stiff.

Unhook the red hook thing.


It becomes 2nd nature after a while grin

tassisssss Sun 13-Jul-08 19:59:29

hmm, might need you to describe the side clips in a bit more detail, red hook thing I have found...will go to garage and investigate.

please don't go away!

many thanks!

Elmosgirl Sun 13-Jul-08 20:02:06

There are black plastic clips (one on each side) where that red button is on te side. Take out the pins on both of these and pull out black plastic clips, then push red button and push handle down to fold, can clip it shut using red plastic clip on one of the sides.

tassisssss Sun 13-Jul-08 20:06:00

Well it's collapsed (and blindingly obvious when you know how!). Feels very awkward to tip over (not had a 3 wheeler before) into closed position.

I don't think I have the safety pins (old model).

Was coming back to ask how it stays shut but see Elmosgirls answered that, will nip back and see if the red clip thing will hook it together and report back seeing as you're there.

Thanks for holding my hand...

Elmosgirl Sun 13-Jul-08 20:07:15 is a different red clip than the one you use to put it down.

tassisssss Sun 13-Jul-08 20:11:52

Done it! And (phew!) it fits in my car boot albeit with the parcel shelf off.

Thank you both so much.

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