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PERFUME-help me choose a really nice one!

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alibo Sat 12-Jul-08 21:50:00

Have not bought any perfume for ages, and would love to treat myself to something new. Something suitable for going out at night, but not too heavy or overpowering. Any ideas?

nappyaddict Sun 13-Jul-08 01:41:24

i like the ghost ones and also the dkny apples ones.

avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 01:42:27

Tresor's very nice.

ninedragons Sun 13-Jul-08 01:59:27

Chanel's Allure is very, well, alluring. Clean and fresh but I always notice if someone is wearing it.

I also like Issey Miyake's Eau D'Issey.

alibo Sun 13-Jul-08 23:50:52

thanks folks, keep 'um coming!! may have to go on a few "sniffing" sessions next time i'm out shopping without ds!!

Beelliesebub Mon 14-Jul-08 00:07:02

My favourite at the moment is Diesel - Fuel for Life for women...... I also like Thierry Mugler - Alien, Kenzo - Amour, Paul Smith - Extreme for women and Gucci - Rush.

HTH grin

puffylovett Mon 14-Jul-08 00:10:58

Ooh if I had a choice, I would go for the new REN scent, it has sublte rose undertones and no nasties in it

ConnorTraceptive Mon 14-Jul-08 00:13:58

eau de cartier

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