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new front door for £2000??

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jasper Thu 03-Feb-05 21:59:48

My front door is falling apart.
Got quote to replace it in mahoggany hardwood, with glazed panels including new frame , locks , fitting.

was shocked at quote for nearly £ 2000.

Mind you I have never bought a front door, maybe this is the going rate.

Anyone know?

JanH Thu 03-Feb-05 22:08:41

Is it off the shelf or made to measure, jasper? (According to this there are several standard sizes but I think 80x32 is the standardest.)

Sounds like a lot though.

emmatmg Thu 03-Feb-05 22:09:47

We had a lovely wooden (can't remember which wood, it's hardwood but not mahongony ) door fitted last May.

Very posh, triple glazed stained glass panels, fixtures and fitting.


£2000 seems very expensive.

weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 03-Feb-05 22:11:47

Very expensive. I worked for a builder for a while a couple of years ago and one couple had their DREAM front door, I think it was a grand. So 2 is v excessive IMO! Look around online, I bet you can get a nice one much cheaper.

Furball Thu 03-Feb-05 22:12:41

I don't know much about it but if you look Here seems the chap will be making afair bit of profit! Is he a reputable chap. Maybe you could do him a deal on his dental care

jasper Thu 03-Feb-05 22:18:42

local joiners .....recommended on mumsnet!
It is a stndard sized door - I have not even seen it yet. He came to quote for doors and windows but the door is semi urgent (there is a gale whistling through it)

I thought that seemed very expensive.

SofiaAmes Sat 05-Feb-05 00:11:49

Does that include a new door frame and fitting it too? If so then it might be a bit expensive, but not totally crazy for a custom door. The question is whether you really need a custom door. Is your door frame ok? Measure the door you have now and look online. You might find a new door or a used door (ebay, loot) for a lot less. If you don't need to replace the door frame, fitting a new (or used) door is really easy.

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