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What did you wear to give birth in?

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roberta Thu 23-Jan-03 10:36:30

I'm due next week and I've just realised I don't really have anything to wear for the birth - a large T-shirt was what I was thinking but am worried will be too short and quite cold - any advice on what's best to wear and where I can buy?

SoupDragon Thu 23-Jan-03 10:42:32

I wore a hospital gown (through choice). TBH, I wouldn't have noticed what I was wearing!

A large T shirt would be fine - I doubt you'll get cold as hospitals are general warm. If you're planning on walking round anywhere more publich than the delivery room then I'd suggest a dressing gown to go with it. A T shirt style nightshirt would be fine too and a bit longer.

Get some nice dark PJs for afterwards and also dark bath towels...

Good luck!

KeepingMum Thu 23-Jan-03 10:45:04

Hi roberta, I don't think it really matters what you wear, you'll probably not be in it that long, I wore by baggiest, oldest T shirt but threw up all over it so ended up in a stylish hospital gown. My sil bought a trendy T-shirt and ended up stark naked. It can all get a bit messy, and the last thing you care about is how you look, or maybe thats just me. Good luck for next week and hope it goes well

AngieL Thu 23-Jan-03 10:45:28

I wore an old baggy t shirt for my first dd. Second time round I was still dressed and only just had enough time to get my knickers and skirt off. Have you got an old nighty or anything? As long as it's long enough to cover your bum if you are walking around during labour (if you're the shy type like me) anything will do.

RosieT Thu 23-Jan-03 10:54:03

Yes, I'd go for T-shirt, too – ideally you want something long enough to cover your bum, but nothing so long it gets in the way of the action, so to speak. Shouldn't worry about getting cold – if you're going to hospital, they're usually boiling. I have to pass the maternity ward where I gave birth every day on the way to work, and even in January there are plenty of windows open.
Good luck & hope it all goes really well.

oxocube Thu 23-Jan-03 10:57:47

tee-shirt for #1, normal clothes minus trousers for #2 (it was very quick!) and old nightshirt for #3

lalaa Thu 23-Jan-03 11:00:48

i ended up in my bra and nothing else!

it really is quite hot work so agree that a long t shirt is a good idea for early on...

good luck!

GillW Thu 23-Jan-03 11:06:32

t-shirt style nightshirt for me too. Cheap enough to throw away afterwards if you make a real mess of it, but large enough preserve modesty if you find yourself wandering around in it.

prufrock Thu 23-Jan-03 11:26:44

Long t-shirt for most, hospital gown fro the eventual c-section. Socks! They are a lot better than slippers when you are climing on and off the bed and you really don't want bare feet.

Bozza Thu 23-Jan-03 11:28:03

I wore an hospital gown again through choice but was only in 3 hours before DS was born and spent the first hour dressed waiting to be seen/allocated a room to change and the second two hours pushing.

Definitely do not worry about getting cold in hospital. I remember getting extremely angry with the midwife when she wanted to turn the fan off during my labour.

elliott Thu 23-Jan-03 11:37:45

Just the t-shirt I happened to be wearing at the time (a big men's one). I still wear it occasionally and it always brings back special memories.

CookieMonster Thu 23-Jan-03 11:52:38

If you want to buy something new, I should buy something cheap and cheerful (and large) from somewhere like BHS or Littlewoods - I wore a t-shirt style nightie which I really liked but it got all messed up and had to be thrown away ... and you should only worry about being cold when you actually leave hospital - it'll be boiling in there!
All the best for next week ... CM

laganlover Thu 23-Jan-03 12:05:00

I wore an old t-shirt as well - still have it so obviously was very tidy!!

I do agree that the dressing gown/robe is more important - I must have walked about 3 miles around the corridors trying to get things to move along.

Philippat Thu 23-Jan-03 12:08:04

Definitely something easy for your feet - general memory of floor throughout hospital is slightly icky (not unclean just nasty flooring and has a lot of people going to and fro).

Something red! Bit of biological washing powder, it'll come up good as new.

I wore a red (because I like the colour, not because I'd thought it through!) t-shirt material beach dress - super loose which coped well with my desire to move around. On the way to the hospital I put a skirt and a cardi over it to keep warm but the minute you get to maternity you just want to strip off (make sure your birthing partner wears something they can strip off too) as the heat is crazy. It was long enough for me to be happy to walk round in (I was determined to keep moving as long as possible).

I still have it but don't wear it - it's almost like keeping your wedding dress I found! I've got plans to make it into a quilt one day along with dd's babygrows.

For after the birth/bath take something loose and cool - something you don't mind wandering round the ward in but can sleep in too (hopefully you won't be stuck in bed). I had stretchy jersey trousers (couldn't face still wearing maternity clothes afters) and a big t-shirt (which did make breastfeeding quite complicated - next time I might go for a feeding shirt or at least a smaller top).

Good luck!

Frieda Thu 23-Jan-03 12:15:43

What a lovely idea, Philippat, to make it into a quilt! I've kept mine, as I can't bear to part with it, but it's just gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer.
I have, however, kept a little box of mementos from the birth, including ds's plastic name bracelet and the cork of the champagne bottle we celebrated with. I also have a piece of dried up umbilical 'stump' as I couldn't bear to chuck it away – is this too revolting for words?

GeorginaA Thu 23-Jan-03 12:26:33

I bought several pairs of slipper socks to wear around hospital and was very glad I did. Grip well on slippery floors, keep your feet cosy, and can be bunged into the washing machine if they come into contact with anything icky

Bugsy Thu 23-Jan-03 12:38:47

roberta, you probably won't be cold. The wards are usually very warm and you can get quite hot & sweaty in labour too. I wore a big t-shirt style nightie, which cost me £3 from one of those really, really cheap clothes shops (name evades me completely). It covered my bum and I was happy to throw it away afterwards.
Dressing gown is a good idea if you want to walk around to start with and definitely for afterwards. Socks are a top tip too, make sure they are ones you will be happy to throw away afterwards.
Good luck

mum2toby Thu 23-Jan-03 13:14:39

Hi Roberta, what an exciting time for you!! But I bet you just want it over and done with now!!

I wore a maternity nightie from Mothercare that buttoned all the way up the front so that ds could be born onto my tummy and we would have instant skin to skin contact. Well that was the idea anyway!!
....I was given diamorphione and when it came to the push I couldn't even have told you my name!! The labour room was VERY warm and I was very glad of an electric fan they placed by me.

My advice to you is just wear something big and comfortable...
.. the T-shirt is going to be up around you boobs for most of the labour anyway!
I hope everything goes great and enjoy!! Coz it's the most wonderful thing you will ever do!!

sed Thu 23-Jan-03 13:28:21

Roberta - I wore a long T shirt for the birth, then made sure as soon as I could have a shower, I changed into a more glamorous satin nightdress. It really made me feel gorgeous and special and clever!!!

Bozza Thu 23-Jan-03 14:09:03

The slipper socks might be a good idea. This is yucky but as soon as I got out of bed for the first time I flooded all over my slippers and had to send them home with DH leaving me with nothing.

A friend managed to do this with her second baby - I'm hoping to be more sensible and learn from my mistakes but who knows....

grommit Thu 23-Jan-03 15:42:05

I read somewhere that Victoria beckham wore gucci stillettos and a designer t-shirt. Easy if you are too posh to push . I wore an old t-shirt nightie which was discarded immediately for obvious reasons

roberta Thu 23-Jan-03 15:42:32

Thanks so much for all your advice. Looks like I'll be fine with the big t-shirts - they just about cover my bottom. And I've even got some slipper socks tucked away somewhere, so I'll dig those out.
Sadly my dressing gown is white, which is probably hopelessly impractical but I suppose I can always bleach it later on. Thanks again.

Bozza Thu 23-Jan-03 15:47:02

roberta I would seriously consider investing in a new dressing gown. The white one will come in for wearing after the night feeds when the milk is being possetted onto your shoulder! Honestly my DS was born in February and it was very cold when I was up with him in the night and so I spent a lot of time in my dressing gown so no harm in having a spare I would have thought.

SoupDragon Thu 23-Jan-03 15:58:45

A friend of mine recommended flip flops for after the birth.

pluto Thu 23-Jan-03 17:32:21

An old t shirt with the Guiness parrot and slogan "Lovely day for a Guiness" I still have it.....

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