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Looking for a medium-sized MPV, like a Zafira. Which do you have...

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surprise Fri 11-Jul-08 19:01:15

and is it any good? Thinking which will be most cost effective, in terms of initial outlay, cost of petrol v diesel and also insurance and road tax. Any thoughts most appreciated. (by the way, not buying new, probably about 3 - 4 years old.)

Tiggerish Fri 11-Jul-08 19:06:06

we have an 02 Zafira. On balance it's been ok but I wouldn't buy it again. We only bought the 1.6 version and really regret not getting the bigger engine. That said, even the smaller engine is very fuel hungry.

Space-wise though it's been great and so easy with car-seats. Be warned though the majority of seats don't fit safely - the seat-belt stalk bits are too long and cause buckle crunch. (The fire brigade were horrified when they did an inspection) The only one we found that fit properly was a Mamas & Papas.

NorthernLurker Fri 11-Jul-08 19:08:46

We have a diesal touran and I love it!

silverfrog Fri 11-Jul-08 19:11:08

we have a Honda FRV - only has 6 seats, mind, so if you need 7 then no good - but we love it.

all 6 seats are permanent (3 in front, 3 in back) so no differing boot size according to passenger numbers.

It's the same size as an avarage car, so no hassle driving/parking.

all 6 seats are same size, so no big sear/small seat arguments, and fits car seats well - we recently had a rear facing infant isofix seat, and a RF isofix toddlerseat, with no compromise on driver/passenger legroom.

we regularly have dh, me, dsd (18), dss (16), d1 (nearly 4) and dd2 (17 months) in the car, a P&T +doubles in the boot, and a large (Rottie) dog too.

we have the 2.2 (I think) litre diesel, and it works out at around 42-45mpg so not brilliant, but certainly not the worst.

goingslowlymad Fri 11-Jul-08 19:13:54

We have the 7 seater Kia Carens. Cheapest 7 seater on the market and came with a 5 year warranty. Tax is cheap(ish) at I think £145 a year at the moment and it does 49mpg combined, diesel.

We bought ours brand new and it only worked out at £10-11k

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