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Childs Helmet for Bumped Heads

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Peckarollover Thu 03-Feb-05 17:14:45

This may sound completely crazy but is there such a thing as a helmet I could buy for DS to stop him injuring his head.

We have concerns over his balance as he is literally falling and banging his head hard at least 4 or 5 times a day. A few times the bangs are sever enough to cause big eggs and trip to casualty. The latest one has caused two black eyes

His hearing is being investigated anyway and we are seeing consultant on Monday so Im going to ask there if it could cause repeated loss of balance but in the meantime, daft as he may look I would like something to protect his head.

Any ideas?

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:19:44

Yes I have deffo seen them

well on TV anyway

Surely they are needed for certain types of epilepsy or something like that

Peckarollover Thu 03-Feb-05 17:22:07

He is 17 mths btw

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:22:41

When a child has tonic (drop) seizures, the loss of posture may be so rapid that the child crashes violently to the ground. Because this type of seizures is difficult to control, the individual may be exposed to physical injury. Hence, helmets are often a necessity.

Children with epilepsy should also wear a helmet whenever they will be participating in sports where there is a risk of head injury.

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:23:32

how long has he been walking?

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:24:01

is it when wearing shoes or bare feet?

Peckarollover Thu 03-Feb-05 17:26:27

he has been walking since around 10 months. I know its very usual for toddlers to be unsteady on their feet but he just seems to fall SOOOO many times - even nursery have had a word with me about his balance.

Its in bare feet/shoes/socks whatever really doesnt make a difference - however * sometimes * he can be quite steady for a long time.

It gets much worse when he is tired

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 17:31:57

You could try him with a small cycle helmet with cartoon charcter on

when he gets tired he could wear it


nicm Thu 03-Feb-05 20:36:55

hi pr

one of the kids i have looked after had a helmet for this reason. it was like a hard rubber with large holes for ventilation. he used to wear it in the afternoons when he got tired as he would fall over too. i think he got it through local ot hospital. but possibly if you asked your doctor he could advise you on how to get one. hth. if you need anymore info i'll try and find out from his mum how to go about getting one.

misdee Thu 03-Feb-05 21:34:43

dd2 needs one really. today she went flying into the door and whacked her face.

ChicPea Fri 04-Feb-05 00:34:34

My DS who is 15mths has a helmet that looks like a boxer's helmet. He wears this 23 hours out of 24 to correct his exceedingly flat head (positional plagiocephaly). Has worn it for 6mths+ now and I do hate it but it has done the trick and will be off soon. But, not only has it corrected his head shape but it has protected him from all sorts of falls on our kitchen's stone floor. So while we hate it, it has had another benefit. After bathtime though when before it goes back on, if he knocks his head, he gets a real shock!! I would imagine your DS will grow out of these accidents, however, if you do go down the helmet route, be sure to underdress DS as covering the head while leaving top of head exposed does retain a lot of heat. Takes about 2-3wks for body to acclimatise to this.

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