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Does anyone have a Renault Megane? or a new Astra

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Easy Thu 03-Feb-05 16:35:24

I get my car on a lease from motability, and the lease runs out in a few months. I've got a Focus Zetec automatic, which is truly a brilliant car. But the models changed now, and even if I like it as much it looks like I'd have to stump up £400 to get my hands on one, which is dead money I don't want to spend.

So in the same class but without the upfront payment I can get either of these.
Obviously I shall have test drives, but wanted to know the up / downsides of each.

Oh, as my mum is 130 miles away, car must be comfy on the motorway.

pinkmama Thu 03-Feb-05 16:37:11

We had one of the old meganes and loved it, now got a laguna. However when it went in for some work we got a new megane as a courtesy car and I was disappointed in it, it felt a bit tinny and uncomfortable. We only had it a couple of days though, so maybe not enough to judge by.

munnzieb Thu 03-Feb-05 16:44:57

I ahve the old shape megane and I love it, really roomy, (don't like the look of the new meganes so wouldn't get one of those)

misdee Thu 03-Feb-05 17:18:38

got the new astra, its quite nice for a passenger (dh also has it on mobility scheme). the chrome trim on it makes it flashy lol. boot size is ok can get buggy plus weeks shopping in there, loads of leg room for front passengers and can fit two car seats in easily in the back. i havent driven it myself yet, but will do hopefully soon. unfortunatly we are having to trade it in as am expecting #3 soon and cant fit 3 seats in the back.

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