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For those with a small age gap....What age was your eldest when you got rid of your double buggy??

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SheBangsTheDrums Thu 10-Jul-08 19:31:54

Am rather new to MN so am probably not posting in the right place, again!

My DS is 29 months and DD has just turned 1. Last week my twin buggy fell forward whilst going up a kerb, I just about managed to correct it but really hurt myself in the bargin. Am now worried it may happen again and I'd be unable to pull it back up (they weigh well over 50lb between them)

So, what age did you find they were fine walking or on a bugggy board?

luckywinner Thu 10-Jul-08 19:35:06

Mine are 3 and 19 months and I have a phil and ted which is taking up a lot of room in my little flat. I have a buggy board and use it sometimes and find it is fine for short journeys but it makes my maclaren so heavy to push and my 3 year old still gets tired and wants to sit in the buggy so i am going to keep the double one until the end of the summer. He also has a scooter which is great for to and from nursery and in the park. Not sure if what I've just said is much help to you!

policywonk Thu 10-Jul-08 19:37:06

I pushed DS1 out of the double when he was about 30 months (and DS2 was about 10 months) - but we did live at the top of a really, really steep hill. wink

I feel bad now, because DS2 is now three and a half, and still happily riding along in his single buggy.

Idobelieveinfairies Thu 10-Jul-08 19:41:07

It depends on the older child and if he is a runner tbh!

My last set of twins are 3 now, and they became too heavy for a double pram a while ago (around 2)...virtually impossible to push. I use a single and they swap over turns whilst one walks. Ds is more of a wonderer so he is sitting in the pram most of the time!

So i think a buggy board would be a great idea. If your older child is a bit of a wonderer perhaps a wrist harness for added security?? I know some people don't them, but safety first.

Keep hold of your double though, they can still come on handy...if one is poorly and you still have to go out for example.

SheBangsTheDrums Thu 10-Jul-08 19:49:05

Thanks for your repies.

I think I'll invest in a buggy board but keep the double for emergencies........into the shed it goes!!
He has a little life rusack with reins on which he loves so I can put that on him and attach it to the buggy (or me)

shhhh Thu 10-Jul-08 21:44:50

dd was 2.8 years and ds was 12 months. Got rid as it got so heavy to push and ds was in the back seat and quite cramped..

Got a buggy board and try and wing it as and when I can....nothing beats being able to "strap" em up grin but hey ho grin.!!

shhhh Thu 10-Jul-08 21:46:16

btw, I do have 2 single buggies so whenever I can/we can then both get a pram each. Perfect when with someone else but not on own !!

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