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Best place to buy a Moby wrap online?

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littlelamb Thu 10-Jul-08 17:43:53

I have decided to get a Moby wrap sling, but nowhere near me stocks them. Where is the best place to buy online? Or have a made a huuuge mistake and would you recomend another sling? Ds is nearly 5 weeks old and I need something to use while his Close sling (which I love) is in the wash, as it tends to get covered in sick every few days hmm

LavenderMist Thu 10-Jul-08 19:19:25

I loved my Moby wrap, go it from here

Only problem was the tag for finding the centre wasn't there for some reason. I intended to sew one on myself but never got round to it...

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 10-Jul-08 20:12:40

mobys are very good as are hugabubs. slingjax i think do them too
if you want a good longer term wrap go for a didymos

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