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Cheap cot or travel cot?

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NorkyButNice Thu 10-Jul-08 14:38:00

Our furniture is going to take 6 weeks or so to get shipped back from the US in September and as DS hates sleeping in travel cots I want to pick up a cheap "proper" cot for him in the meantime.

Does anyone have one of the really cheap Ikea ones? They're 29 quid here

Will this do for 6 weeks or should I splash out more for the more expensive one here

Or if anyone can recommend anything better (but still up to all the safety standards obviously) that would be great

NorkyButNice Thu 10-Jul-08 15:13:45

shameless bump...

babyjjbaby Thu 10-Jul-08 21:24:03

i would get the cheaper one but bear in mind it is alot smaller imo than a normal cot

DaphneDescends Thu 10-Jul-08 21:25:38

What about co-sleeping temporarily? Free!

WeeBesom Thu 10-Jul-08 21:26:00

What age is your Ds? I would get the cheaper one if it is only for 6 weeks.

Flum Thu 10-Jul-08 21:26:26

how old is babe? Can he crawl, if not, folded blanket in a drawer. My mum always puts the babies in this when they visit. I think it is sweet and old fashioned but always worry she will absentmindedly shut the drawer with them in.

Califrau Thu 10-Jul-08 21:30:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorkyButNice Fri 11-Jul-08 19:20:11

Thanks for the replies...

He's 9 months old and enormous - 31.5 inches so I don't think he'll be OK in a drawer (tempting as that is sometimes!).

My mum has a travel cot which we'll be able to borrow, but he's never slept well in it when we've visited. He's used to a nice thick mattress so I guess the inch of floppy foam doesn't quite cut it! And he hates the mesh sides as well.

I think we'll give the cheap one a go!

babyjjbaby Fri 11-Jul-08 20:07:40

you could always get a long travel cot and put a normal cot mattresss in it like the hauck travel cots which are long and narrow

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