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Would I be mad to sell my Phil and Teds?

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milki Thu 10-Jul-08 12:46:38

I have 26 month DD1 and 5 month DD2, bought a second hand P&T at bargain price from friend before DD2 was born and have never really used it. DD2 hated lying in the baby bit and now I find it really difficult to get them in it and down the stairs at the front door without getting really stressed! Plus live on 3rd floor with lift too small for buggy so could never roll them home asleep.

At the back of my mind I'm wondering if it will come into its own when DDs are a bit older but then think that by then DD1 won't need a buggy much anyway. If I sold it we wouldn't be able to affford another one at a later date. Would I be mad to get rid of it?

Any thoughts?


caykon Thu 10-Jul-08 14:12:52

personally unless there is some other reason you want shut of it, I would hang onto it.
I had a massive mamas and papas system when dd was born and loved it ended up pregnant again when she was 3 months, by end of pregnancy couldnt cope with big system so got a stroller type buggy, when ds arrived ended up getting a jane powertwin, but this was quite big so also got another stroller, now have added a buggy board to original system and find I still use all of them in differant situations and would be lost without them.

So until your sure you really wont use it, what have you got to loose keeping hold for a bit longer

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