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Right, I need to buy to grammar school uniforms (very expensive) where offers the best quality and price ?

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milkybarsrus Thu 10-Jul-08 12:02:10

One girl, one boy both needing new school uniforms. I know I have to buy blazers, rugby shirts etc from specialist shops, but who do you think offers the best value and quality? What about non iron uniforms? Do they really exist? please help and should I start buying now?

BasementBear Thu 10-Jul-08 13:01:54

M&S are doing good deals at the moment, and Woolworths is always worth a look. The big supermarkets often have great deals on the basics too. I always buy things early cos I can't stand going round the shops with the kids in the holidays and don't want any last minute panics!

TheFallenMadonna Thu 10-Jul-08 13:09:55

I like John Lewis. They're a bit more pricey than supermarkets and Woolworths, but last longer IME. And I bought some school skirts in a sale last week.

FabioTheTimeLordCatOfGallifrey Thu 10-Jul-08 13:12:00

Second JL and M&S.
Uniform shops total ripoff.
Find out about 2nd hand uniform sales at the school.

mysteryfairy Fri 11-Jul-08 13:53:18

Double check re sourcing the blazers. My DS goes to a school with a rather pricey uniform but the school does sell blazer badges for about a fiver that you can sew on to an M&S or similar blazer. This year three of us Mums got together to buy the blazers in M&S three for two offer making the actual blazers cost £13.33 each. The official school uniform shop vehemently denies that sew on blazer badges exist though - obviously not in their interests to sell them given the price of an official blazer! Won't work for every school - the blazer for the equivalent girls school has pale blue piping - but worth a check.

I prefer M&S for uniform. I have three children and always get all I can get away with - plain black trousers, white shirts etc from here whilst its on 3 for 2. We once had to buy a pack of shirts from Tesco in an emergency and the difference in quality was very noticeable. M&S, JL school uniform really is inexpensive when you consider they will be wearing it daily practically all through the year. I avoid JL though because I get so confused when the sizing is given in inches - size 24, 26 etc - never sure what it refers to.

M&S three for two online and instore at the moment. 629030&no=44311030&mnSBrand=core&me=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM

Have been emailed online codes - WEBS11C1 FOR £5 OF £50, WEBSC11C2 £10 OFF £100 AND WEBS11C3 FOR £15 OF £150 - plus there is freedelv which you can use in addition for free delivery over £30

BTW if your school has an official coat don't buy it - no one ever wears them in my experience!

herbietea Fri 11-Jul-08 13:57:05

Message withdrawn

herbietea Fri 11-Jul-08 13:58:08

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herbietea Fri 11-Jul-08 13:59:21

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milkybarsrus Fri 11-Jul-08 16:14:39

thanks for all the tips. It looks like M & S come up tops with 3 for 2 deals and quality. What about the non iron stuff though? Is it true? I can't believe ithmm! Or will I be ironing 10 school shirts a week whilst looking at a label that says 'non iron'? would love to know your experiences? Also do the boys have proper creases down the middle like when you first buy them or could i get away with ironing them flat (if at all)?blush.
Oh and whilst i am on the subject of money saving stuff, is it really uncool to give them packed lunches with unbranded items in it e.g asda crisps etc?

Madlentileater Fri 11-Jul-08 16:18:14

you would be mad to iron school shirts or to worry about the branding of crisps.
I don't even iron trousers. hang them up to dry.
Life's too short.

milkybarsrus Fri 11-Jul-08 16:27:25

So true, but I don't want my kids to look like the ones whose mother doesn't give a you know what! And mine are eating asda crisps and some other smart arse is eating parsnip veggie crisp thingies, and their drinking squash that we made up and others are having smoothies etc hmm. My daughters friend has m & s sarnies everyday and the kids all laugh because her mum pretends she makes them and puts them in a sandwich bag grin. little does her mum know that she comes in and tells everyone grin.

Madlentileater Fri 11-Jul-08 16:34:18

I'd be amazed if any child in Y7 could judge if clothes were ironed!

mysteryfairy Fri 11-Jul-08 17:10:33

I've got to admit I iron the non iron shirts. They are definitely easier to iron than DH's work shirts though if that's any consolation.

mysteryfairy Fri 11-Jul-08 17:15:48

Wouldn't worry about the brands of sandwiches, crisps though. We have M&S sandwiches from time to time but to my mind they are a bit of a treat as the nice ones are loaded with calories, fat etc - must surely be storing up trouble to eat that every day!

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