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hand held hoovers - indulge me please

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dizzydixies Wed 09-Jul-08 17:46:00

I've decided I'm a boring cow and want to invest in a hand held hoover for the car - its a PITA dragging the hoover out the house and all about the place to reach the cars

anyone any suggestions please?
who knew they were such a price shock

weddingcake Wed 09-Jul-08 18:22:19

I have a hoover handy power master (I think that's what it's called anyway) that does the job. I got it when it was half price in Robert Dyas a couple of years ago and I think it's a deal they offer quite often so probably worth keeping an eye out.

dizzydixies Wed 09-Jul-08 18:23:11

thanks weddingcake
I just couldn't believe some of them are up to £100 - not that I'll be indulging in that nonsense grin

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