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Mawma Wed 09-Jul-08 15:21:12

Hi a friend is getting married in a few weeks and is on the look out for a little girls pair of ballerina ivory sprakly shoes in a size 8 they have a satin bow across the front and the rest of the shoes is ivory glitter, she has bought them for her little flower girls and she has them in a 9 & 10 but the 9 is too big therfor need an 8. We have searched all shops in Scotland but to no avail. They have been discontinued from the website but they have assured us there are stores across England that still have them around 169 pairs but cannot give us the sizes obviously too many to check. I beleive they went down to £10 today so i'm trying my hardest to get her another pair as they will sell out quick. If any of you lovely mn's would like to help me to help my friend in having a wee look the next time your in town that would be great and very much appreicated. i can do paypal,bank transfer or cheque

Mawma Wed 09-Jul-08 16:06:11

sparkly even not sprakly

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