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Who has got a comfy bed? Come and tell me all about it, please

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hunkermunker Mon 07-Jul-08 23:49:37

Mine is giving me backache and headaches and all sorts of aches.

Ideally I'd like one for about a quid, since I have no money at all, but tell me about more expensive ones so I can save up while I creak through the days on my poor, aching bones.


OverMyDeadBody Mon 07-Jul-08 23:52:14

I only have a mattress, rather than a bed, but it is super king size and very comfy. It is a sprung mattress which I was sceptical about first, having alwauys had foam ones before, but I love it. It was a case of my trying out all the matresses till I foubd one that I thought was comfy though, so that's your best bet. It was from John Lewis in the sale.

claricebeansmum Mon 07-Jul-08 23:53:35

Slatted bed from Ikea.
Sprung mattress.
Mattress topper.

Lovely grin

hunkermunker Mon 07-Jul-08 23:54:03

So you have a mattress on the floor? Futon-esque? Sounds v comfy.

My problem is that if I go and try mattresses out, I either have boys who want to jump on my head with me, or if they're not with me, I'll fall asleep on a display bed and end up with my photo in the free papers.

hunkermunker Mon 07-Jul-08 23:54:37

I have a slatted bed, mattress and topper from Ikea currently... It is elderly though - prob 12 years old?

OverMyDeadBody Tue 08-Jul-08 00:10:14

lol I would fall asleep too.

Yes, it is just on the floor futonesque stylee, so a nice solid base.

OverMyDeadBody Tue 08-Jul-08 00:10:48

mhhh yes probably time for a replacement then!

WendyWeber Tue 08-Jul-08 00:16:14

I have a v nice mattress from MFI, hunker - cost more than a quid though sad. Old one was an ancient futon & I used to wake up stiff as a board, couldn't get my knickers on until lunchtime!

this one - it is sooooo comfortable smile

The base is a wooden frame, also from MFI, hang, they don't do it any more. this sort of thing though (No footboard so I can hang the feet on the ends of my unfeasibly long legs off the end)

WendyWeber Tue 08-Jul-08 00:18:07

This mattress looks quite a lot like mine but half the price...

littlelapin Tue 08-Jul-08 00:22:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OverMyDeadBody Tue 08-Jul-08 00:30:44

one day, when I am rich, I will buy a memory foam mattress.

hunkermunker Tue 08-Jul-08 00:38:22

envy of unfeasibly long legs.

Memory foam - is it really comfy? It's foam though - foam? Isn't it sweaty? <thinks> Wabbit didn't look sweaty when I saw her. Refreshed and bouncy, in fact - I shall investigate memory foam grin

DirtySexyMummy Tue 08-Jul-08 00:42:04

I have memory foam. Its amazing.

Everyone who lies on my bed cannot believe the comfort.. some have likened it to sleeping on a cloud. I agree. grin

combustiblelemon Tue 08-Jul-08 00:43:56

Really? I loathe memory foam mattresses. DH tried to persuade me that we should have one. He settled for a memory foam pillow instead! Every mattress I tried in Dreams was too soft.

We ended up getting a lovely firm sprung mattress from Benson's. This is probably because my bed from leaving the cot until the age of 15 had an orthopaedic mattress.

<<wanders off rambling about mother making me wear fitted clarks shoes until the age of 14>>

WendyWeber Tue 08-Jul-08 00:45:04

(Nah, don't waste your envy, hunker - you don't want them, honest, I am 6' tall and 15 stone grin)

WendyWeber Tue 08-Jul-08 00:45:28

(I could probably take on Chris Eubank in fact)

zippitippitoes Tue 08-Jul-08 00:53:16

omg bf has some godforsaken mattress must be from freecycle and one side mine has the worast pointy sprinbgs and the vwhole thing is shite

i have been working on this for what seems like months

WilfSell Tue 08-Jul-08 07:14:22

memory foam deffo: I have not woken up with aches, pains, stiff neck or hip aching since I had it while pregnant with DS3. There is no substitute, even if expensive: it is WORTH the expense.

You can sometimes buy on interest free credit if you're really broke.

It is a bit warmer than a normal mattress but you compensate by being completely starkers...

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 08-Jul-08 07:29:51

We have Tempur memory foam ones in all rooms (except dd's). Bring the boys to play in the holidays and you can have a proper test of them .

Mutt Tue 08-Jul-08 07:35:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janmoomoo Thu 10-Jul-08 22:24:30

Memory foam on the top of a sprung mattress is the total business. We upgraded recently and it is heaven. Quite a lot of people told me that a complete memory foam mattress is very hot and sweaty so we didnt go for that. Ours was from Dreams and I LOVE it!

bogie Thu 10-Jul-08 22:26:06

We have got a super king size bed with a memory foam mattress and it only cost us £500 from an ebay shop he listed loads and we snapped that one up its soo comfy

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