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Aliens: I know these are soooo yesterday, but

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Carla Wed 02-Feb-05 06:50:39

We went shopping in Reading on Sunday, and after we'd finished did the obligatory Woolies shop for dds. DD1 picked an Alien (the sort in gel, in an egg). Bless her, the cheapest thing she could have picked. She was so thrilled because it contained an illuminated egg, and the two babies had willies!!!

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, when we got back dd2 started playing with it, and destroyed the membrane on the egg and lost the two babies. As dd1 was so good about it and ww2 didn't break out, I promised her I'd replace it the next day. Can I find one for love or money? No, and I feel such a heel 'cos she was so good about it and I made a promise I couldn't keep.

Does anyone know of any place that still stocks these? It doesn't matter where it is, I can at least try ringing them and see if they'll be willing to send one mail order. Sorry if this seems a big hoo-ha about nothing, but it really isn't nothing to dd1.

Carla XX

emmatmg Wed 02-Feb-05 06:53:49

what about newspaper shops?

I'm sure a few around here still do them.

Carla Wed 02-Feb-05 07:04:14

Thanks emmatmg, I've got to go shopping in a suburban part of town today. I imagine if anywhere has them still lurking around it's the sort of shop that doesn't have a huge turnover.

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