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pram and pushchair maximu weights

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julies11 Tue 01-Feb-05 22:40:51

i have a heavy 3 year old and wondering what are the maximum weights that most buggies can take up to . there seems to be no maximum weight on pushchairs at all is 3 stones too much for a buggy i have a freind who has an old coachbuilt pram would that be better just i have an heavy 3 year old can any 1 advise thanks

janeybops Tue 01-Feb-05 22:42:45

is there a reason your 3 year old still needs a buggy? tbh my 3 year old doesn't have one, she walks.

think maximum weights are in the owners manual

starlover Wed 02-Feb-05 13:19:05

I think you're better off sticking with a buggy rather than the coachbuilt pram, as they're not really designed for bigger children. I would imagine that with the fantastic suspension they have it would be quite wobbly on top with a big 3 year old in. Plus, if yours is anything like the kids I look after they're quite wriggly and tend to want to climb in and out!

Graco suggests that 18kg is max for their single pushchairs... which is almost 3 stone

Mountain buggy say that theirs is 25kg max...

Babydan is 23kg (depending on style)

it all depends what buggy you have/want... you should be able to find the info on google!

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