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I've just seen the advert for................

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BethAndHerBrood Tue 01-Feb-05 21:00:58

........cilit bang!! (concentrating on spelling, there!) How cheesy is that??!!! "Look how the penny is cleaned" FFS!! Are we supposed to wash our loose change now??!!

Amanda3266 Tue 01-Feb-05 21:01:49

As far as I know (from another thread several weeks back) it's not all it's cracked up to be either.

Catbert Tue 01-Feb-05 21:02:07

It's hysterical isn't it...

Catbert Tue 01-Feb-05 21:02:52

Now is Fairy Power Spray - according to my dad "what a load of B*****"... (tell it like it is dad!)

Catbert Tue 01-Feb-05 21:03:14

Nor, that should be... Duh

Aero Tue 01-Feb-05 21:03:26

Bought some yesterday - not impressed - no better than and other limescale remover! Also coke does the same thing to a penny!

prunegirl Tue 01-Feb-05 21:03:51

Message withdrawn

Amanda3266 Tue 01-Feb-05 21:05:15

Another load of bllcks is that bloody Vanish Oxy Max - nowhere near as good as shown on TV. Might get onto Trading Standards.

Catbert Tue 01-Feb-05 21:06:11

And talking of ads, I've just "got" the new Hermasteas ad too...

Apparently, I think we are supposed to think that the middle stick bird, has somehow a better and even more desirable body thatn the two, also lythe, perfect, slightly bigger bottomed girls lying either side...

No wonder everyone has bad body image...

dawnie1 Tue 01-Feb-05 21:14:17

Oh yeah - And I always orgasm when using 'Herbal Essences' shampoo - ???? the aggravating thing is part of the TV licence fee we are forced to pay contibutes to an 'Advertising Standards Committee' whose sole job it is to prevent adverts creating "false idea"

Long live the Lynx ad - NOT, the sad thing is that some men truely believe it (might) work

BethAndHerBrood Tue 01-Feb-05 21:16:39

Yes but, dawnie1, men are stupid, aren't they!!!

dawnie1 Tue 01-Feb-05 21:18:06

Yes, when it suits

starlover Tue 01-Feb-05 21:18:57

yes, because what they fail to point out on the adverts is that the solutions they are using to clean pennies/stains/whatever is ten times stronger than the stuff you get in the spray!

I am sure cillit bang works wonders if you have it concentrated by a million!

lockets Tue 01-Feb-05 21:25:36

Message withdrawn

starlover Tue 01-Feb-05 22:09:16

seeing consultant on monday about induction.

lockets Tue 01-Feb-05 22:11:45

Message withdrawn

starlover Tue 01-Feb-05 22:13:15

not sure i can jog anywhere with a bump this size!
someone asked me if i was expecting twins the other day!

treacletart Tue 01-Feb-05 23:35:19

Check out cillit bang unofficial t-shirts and the facts about cillit bang and the true story of a man who cleaned his coins with cillit bang

sparklymieow Tue 01-Feb-05 23:37:14

Funny moment in Morrisons last week with Misdee, I asked her if this CLIT bang worked well, she was pissing herslef

Branster Tue 01-Feb-05 23:41:40

actually I found it quite good. we have a glass sink and it's always covered in water stains (if that makes any sense ). well, cilit bang made my sink spotless again!

Fimbo Tue 01-Feb-05 23:42:48

Dh had to dismantle the toilet seat and lid today, courtesy of Cillit Bang (its bright pink and had collected around the screws). LOL because he thought dd had "painted the toilet". .

JanH Tue 01-Feb-05 23:43:24

It does work, it does, it does, they demonstrated it in a supermarket in Spain when we were there!

treacletart, thank you so much for the bloke who cleaned his coins etc, he was lovely! (but someone should tell him coins are not made of copper....)

Fimbo Tue 01-Feb-05 23:45:03

They haven't shown it in Scotland yet......unless NAILPOLISH knows differently

HunkerMunker Tue 01-Feb-05 23:47:14

Treacletart - thanks for the links! LOL! Went to the FAQs on the first one and think we have been short-changed with Barry Scott - the guy in the Hungarian commercials is MUCH nicer!!

Satine Tue 01-Feb-05 23:48:01

Treacletart, your link to the man who cleaned his coins with cillit bang has made me laugh so much I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks - thanks so much!

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