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Does anyone have an Emmaljunga roller board or other buggy board with a pram? Question....

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IlanaK Tue 01-Feb-05 19:06:52

I just got the roller board for my Emmaljunga - this is the actual emmaljunga branded one spe cially for their prams. ANyway, although my ds1 actuallly stands on it inside the handle of the pram, I still find I am having to lean over a bit to push it. I am not leaning over his body, so I think the reason is that if I stand closer, my feet will hit the roller board as I stride forward. I ended up walking next to the pram today and pushing it with one hand. This is fine on nice smooth straight bits, but not practical all the time. What do other peope do?

jennifersofia Tue 01-Feb-05 20:45:40

Hi there, I used to use the lascal buggy board with my emmaljunga. Basically, I had it fitted as close as possible to the pram, and still did a little bit of the kicking the bottom of the board. Not ideal, but it generally worked. You do get used to taking slightly smaller steps. Fiddling around with the adjustment of the board (so it was as close as possible) did help.
Best of luck.

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