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Chinchilla Sun 19-Jan-03 18:30:44

OK, so it took me a while to get over the squeemishness of thinking about this, but I am considering buying a mooncup. I am fed up with tampons and pads, and, after using millions of disposable nappies, have been thinking lately about being more eco-friendly.

So...what do users think? I have seen the site, and read the blurb, but I want real opinions, bad as well as good. £27 is a lot to invest if I only use it once. If it is as good as people seems to think, I'm surprised that I only heard about it lately.

leese Sun 19-Jan-03 18:59:54

Don't even know what this is Chinchila - guess it isn't as romantic and floaty as the name suggests?......

PamT Sun 19-Jan-03 19:32:13

I'm not 100% sure but I think you can get a full refund if you don't get on with it. UKP has a Eco Friendly Sani products board so there should be plenty of users there who can tell you more. You are supposed to bleed less with a mooncup as there is nothing actually sucking the fluid out of you like conventionally towels/tampons do. But if you do visit there, make sure you come back here, I don't want to be accused of luring Mumsnet users away.

Chinchilla Sun 19-Jan-03 21:56:55

Yes, I've read the UKP site, as I am a member there, but I trust Mumsnetters' opinions more, as I feel that I 'know' you all better. I have yet to read a bad review of the mooncup, but still can't get my head past that 'bleugh' feeling! I know it's silly, as tampons are used in a similar manner, but still...

Tinker Sun 19-Jan-03 23:03:38

A refund? You mean, people send them back????

bloss Mon 20-Jan-03 00:24:47

Message withdrawn

Meid Tue 01-Apr-03 11:36:33

I'm reviving this thread from January as I've just ordered a Mooncup. I'd never heard of it before it was mentioned on Mumsnet and I was wondering, Chinchilla, did you ever get one if so how did you get on with it??

Demented Tue 01-Apr-03 12:10:03

I would like a Mooncup, I believe have them for £17.99 just now. I keep mentioning it to DH as unfortunately he is in charge of the purse strings but it makes him shudder (not that that is the reason he has not given me that money for it, more to do with the washable nappies and new nursing bras I have bought in the last couple of months that have blown the budget). Would also like to know how you got on Chinchilla.

Meid Tue 01-Apr-03 12:26:25

I've ordered mine from, also £17.99 (inc. P&P). It says on the website how much money you should save by not using tampons and towels - maybe you could get that information together to present your case to DH?

cazzybabs Tue 01-Apr-03 13:06:25

WOW - it looks quite interesting, but have you read some of the soapbox comments! - I am sorry if you are one of them, but the fact someone woman has "bonded" with her menstral cycle is a bit weird! But am thinking of getting one - will feel very green!

Meid Tue 01-Apr-03 13:53:34

Yes, Cazzybabs, I did read the soapbox comments and wondered what the people had been smoking!

Tetley Tue 01-Apr-03 14:35:17

I'd never heard of this before - but have just looked on the Mooncup website - it looks really interesting (I'm going to have a think for a couple of days before buying) - however, the soapbox comments are fantastic! Plant food & painting - whatever next?
I'm sorry I'm not taking them seriously - I've probably offended some people now - actually I think that one of the comments on there may be from someone I went to school with - it just rings a bell somehow!

Chinchilla Tue 01-Apr-03 22:53:03

Funnily enough, I did not get around to buying one. I still can't get my head around the idea! Still considering it though. If anyone gets one, please post your opinions.

Tissy Wed 02-Apr-03 09:00:12

I didn't get round to it, either...

I'm waiting for Miranda to get back to me for a nappy order (better get offline then!)so maybe she can talk me into it...

Alibubbles Wed 02-Apr-03 11:02:08

I've been using a mooncup for two years. Once I got my head round the idea it was plainsailing! I find that I don't have cramps or backache annymore, less bleeding and shorter periods.

I don't use it to be 'green', just that I was having a problems with tampons, and couldn't bear the thought of using towels. I only used towels for one month in my life, when I was 15 for my first period and cried to my mother I can't stand these. She showed me how to use a tampon and thereafter apart from post childbirth I had alwasy used tampons.

I find the mooncup is brilliant, infact I have two incase I can't find a loo with a basin to rinse it before reinserting. I just then empty it and wrap it in tissues and a nappy sack till I get home.

I used to flood for 3 days with tampons, every hour as weel, I have been known to yell at somewone from my car window to see my kids into school as I couldn't get out of the car as I had flooed on the way!

Give it a go, they are now only £17.99, I used to spend that in 3 months on Tampax!

Tissy Thu 10-Apr-03 14:31:25

Mines arrived and so far, so good!

Alibubbles, do you really sterilise it between periods? Surely unless its kept in a sterile container it doesn't stay sterile very long?

XAusted Thu 10-Apr-03 15:04:30

I bought one recently. Tried it during last period and got on OK but then realized they had sent me the wrong model and it kept slipping! However, now have correct model. Just about to give it another go. Think will be successful. Was interested to read that Alibubbles has two, I wondered what would happen if you were using one in a public loo and didn't want to rinse it out in front of others! If ordering one, look inside it when it arrives. At the bottom is a letter A or B to indicate which model it is. Love the cute little bag it comes with!

Bozza Thu 10-Apr-03 15:55:45

I have been using mine for two cycles now and I would really reccommend it - especially if you have a heavy cycle or are disorganised. I was forever leaking or in the last few days not changing frequently enough or forgetting to take supplies out with me. Its so little and just slips neatly into the bathroom cabinet. TBH if I have been somewhere without access to a basin (eg work)I have just wiped it out with loo roll but made sure I rinsed it morning and night. I have been sterilising it with tablets each month also.

It took me a bit to get the technique right but now its as easy at tampons. And you really don't know its there. Definitely a convert. It also took me a while to get my head around the idea and then a while to persuade DH (goodness knows why I consulted him) because he thought it was a fad. But he was wrong

happycat Tue 17-Jun-03 16:21:46

just got my moon cup and think it's great only trouble is I can feel the end bit at times and it is very uncomfortable.How short should the tail be cut down to?

Meid Tue 17-Jun-03 16:24:25

I've had mine for a couple of months now. To be honest I can't decide if I like it or not but I'm going to try a bit longer to get used to it.
In answer to your question, I cut mine really short - it is less than 1cm short - I think you can cut it completely off as long as you're confident you can get it out!

alibubbles Tue 17-Jun-03 16:34:14

I've cut the end off both of mine and don't have any problems taking it out either.

I think mooncups are brilliant and it has helped convince my GP of just how much blood I do lose every month.

I wouldn't go back to anything else

SoupDragon Tue 17-Jun-03 16:40:19

Um, just how has it convinved your GP...? No, on second thoughts, I don't think I want to know!

Bozza Tue 17-Jun-03 16:40:25

Agree with Alibubbles - great idea - so simple.

I cut mine fairly short but occasionally have trouble with retrieval (especially after overnight). But I just contort a bit...

beetroot Tue 17-Jun-03 17:19:39

Message withdrawn

happycat Tue 17-Jun-03 17:42:48

yes i did I think it might be because I have norton security.I'm not a computer expert.In the end I printed the order sheet and sent a cheque.It came in about 5 days was impressed.

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