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nikon coolpix 4200--is it any good???

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Carameli Mon 31-Jan-05 16:13:26

has anyone got one of these here and what do you think of them. I have seen a great deal but wondered if they were any good?

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 16:16:03

is this a digicam? we did our homework and went for a fujipix s5500 which I LUUURVVE!

Tinker Mon 31-Jan-05 16:29:03

We've got the Coolpix 3700 which boyfriend thinks is good, good value It was a shared present between us but I prefer my cheapo £35.00 snappy camera myself. Think the digital revolution is passing me by. Tbh, think all cameras of similar spec by the main camera manufacturers are all pretty much teh same now.

TwoIfBySea Mon 31-Jan-05 19:00:56

I have the Coolpix 3100 and it was great value for money (bought out of Jessops last year.) If I had the money I would buy a fancier camera but now would make sure it was a Nikon.

Jessops actually are a good starting point as they aren't on commision so you can trust what they tell you. I had wanted a more expensive camera but the sales advisor told me that for what I was using it for the Nikon was better, and he was right!

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