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Replacement Mclaren Raincover?

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NotQuiteCockney Sun 30-Jan-05 20:25:25

I have a Mclaren pram - one of their 3 months + ones, bought three years ago. It still works pretty well, and I don't want a new one. I do however want a new raincover, as DS1 kicked through the old one.

I'd rather not get a "universal" raincover, as the old one really really fit it. I guess I could look in used shops for the same model, and just salvage the raincover from it, but surely there's got to be a way to get a replacement one from Mclaren? And if so, why can't I find them online? Help!

LIZS Sun 30-Jan-05 20:27:46

Try here . Customer services were pretty good when I needed a new spring for the closing clip on ours.

jane313 Sun 30-Jan-05 20:29:18


God I know I'm bored at work when I'm tryign to answer everyones queries; I've done toddler activities and books for 7 year olds.

No idea if you can get replacemnt raincovers but I bought an accesory pack ofr a volo which had a raincover in it, not sure if they fit all of them though

madgirl Sun 30-Jan-05 21:25:26

def you can buy replacement covers. where do you live notquitecockney?

NotQuiteCockney Sun 30-Jan-05 21:29:08

I'm in East London. I've found a list of service agents on the Mclaren uk website, hopefully one of them will be able to help. I think our buggy is a Triumph, but they've since changed the style a bit? Gah.

The sunshade thing is a bit broken, too, but not enough to stop working, really.

lowcalCOD Sun 30-Jan-05 21:29:53

think I have one, it spretty ancient but you could scrub it
I mean it not dirty just hgas sat inteh back of the car
will look tomorrow

puddle Sun 30-Jan-05 21:30:56

Warning - I had to get a replacement hood from McC which cost almost as much as the buggy did

NotQuiteCockney Sun 30-Jan-05 21:35:40

Really, Cod? That would be lovely. Your lot are entirely out of buggies now?

puddle, I think the hood is ok as is. I do look at the pram, knackered as it is, and think, maybe I want a new one ... but really, the functional bits are all ok, and do I really care about it looking a bit grotty?

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