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low wattage panel heaters

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starlover Sun 30-Jan-05 15:28:29

We have no central heating in our flat, we just get by with a few little convection heaters round the place.
However, I am thinking that they really aren't practical once we have a baby (especially once it's crawling around)... so have been looking at some slimline heaters that can be wall mounted.

The ones we looked at are these

does anyone else use these? will they heat a whole room? They're really expensive, and although our landlady has agreed to buy them I feel a bit guilty making her spend so much money if they aren't going to do the job!
The ones we have at the moment are 2000w but the slimline ones are all low wattage and only go up to 800w... i have NO idea what this means... but does it mean they won't heat up as much?

noddyholder Sun 30-Jan-05 15:38:08

we converted our garage to a play/music room and we bought one of these and it didn't work so we changed it for a halogen one This one is brilliant and costs v little to run and is very safe too They are avilable everywhere for 15-20 pounds hth

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