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Can you recommend me a shopper bike?

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Bumperlicious Sat 28-Jun-08 17:54:42

I want to get a bike for cycling to work and I want it to be pretty but not crap! I really want to get a shopper coz I find mountain bikes really uncomfortable.

I've had a look in a couple of local shops but have been inspired. Can anyone recommend me one?

Bumperlicious Sat 28-Jun-08 19:03:42

Oh, btw I want to spend under £300.

Snaf Wed 30-Jul-08 20:46:16

Am bumping this and hijacking it at the same time - sorry bumperlicious grin

Was just about to start a thread asking the same thing. Need a ?hybrid for under £300. Know bugger-all about bikes. Any help/advice gratefully received...

anotherdayyetanothernickname Fri 01-Aug-08 19:07:38

Oops I just did start a similar thread re hybrids.
Will be interested in responses here too.

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