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Nice gym kit

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lulupop Sat 29-Jan-05 13:43:09

What do you wear to the gym, and where did you get it?

Am getting back into the gym habit, and want something more "gym-like" than just old trackie bottoms and T shirt, but don't want to be in cycling shorts and skin tight tops either.

Are there any good online suppliers?

Hulababy Sat 29-Jan-05 13:46:01

I have some light blue cropped Addidas trousers for the gym - come to about my knees, just under. And I have a couple of fitted (but not tight) sprts top - Nike ones I think. They fit nice and feel comfortable, without burying me!

Got mine from a standard sports shop though, not online.

starlover Sun 30-Jan-05 09:09:41

i got my gym stuff from H&M in the sale ages ago!
some thinnish, cottony type cropped trousers and some jersey tops.
I hate wearing proper trackie bottoms because i get too hot! so go for the thinnest things I can find.

don't know about online suppliers though

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