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Very dull..can you buy underwired nursing bras?

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moondog Fri 28-Jan-05 21:28:35

Fed up with mine. I know that they tell you the wires interfere with milk production but as ds is 7 mths, reckon I'm way past that. I'll be b/feeding for a long time yet, and just want to feel that at least I'm wearing normal underwear!

PicadillyCircus Fri 28-Jan-05 21:31:45

I have the feeling you can, but have no idea where from. I will investigate.

PicadillyCircus Fri 28-Jan-05 21:35:13

Found one here

PicadillyCircus Fri 28-Jan-05 21:37:12

And another here but expensive

moondog Fri 28-Jan-05 21:38:22

Thank you PC! That is so kind of you!

PicadillyCircus Fri 28-Jan-05 21:38:35

(think you can get the expensive one cheaper in other places)

pootlepod Fri 28-Jan-05 22:08:50

Here few pounds cheaper and available in black too!

I got this one at about 2 months afterwards and it was fine, just made sure it was a good fit.

moondog Fri 28-Jan-05 23:04:16

and thank YOU pp!

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