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Thanks to everyone who recommended Aveeno for eczema

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ediemay Fri 28-Jan-05 20:02:25

I really appreciate this tip. It has cleared up all of DS's eczema and dry skin when everything prescribed by the doctor had failed. A big thank you.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 28-Jan-05 20:03:47

Which aveeno did you use? The moisturiser, the frothy baty bath, or the little packets of gunk for the bath?

(Neither DS has exzema, but some friends' kids do.)

ediemay Fri 28-Jan-05 20:05:21

I've been using the plain oatmeal lotion (not the one with menthol) and it has worked a treat.

champs Fri 28-Jan-05 21:34:07

ooohh, slight highjack.....
where do you get this from??!! ds1 excema has really gotten out of hand. I have to get som H/C from docs but I dont really fancy using steroids on him.

donnie Fri 28-Jan-05 22:02:49

really glad it has worked for your ds, I have been singing the praises of aveeno for ages! make sure the doc gives you repeat prescriptions...our dd has had it on prescription for over a year now and it suits her.

donnie Fri 28-Jan-05 22:03:45

ps champs, you can get it in boots easily off the shelf, but it is quite pricey and if you can, get your GP to prescribe it.

champs Fri 28-Jan-05 22:56:34

ty donnie!!

Podmog Sat 29-Jan-05 22:02:31

Message withdrawn

ediemay Mon 31-Jan-05 15:18:54

donnie, thank you, yours were some of the posts I read when I looked into this. I can't believe the difference and it doesn't seem to contain any parabens either.

Chandra Mon 31-Jan-05 15:22:11

I have just bought Aveeno (the one with menthol)for DS's eczema. Which is better the one with or without menthol?

beachyhead Mon 31-Jan-05 15:29:26

its much cheaper in the US so if you have friends going, get them to bring it is very good for chickenpox as well

ediemay Mon 31-Jan-05 15:38:00

Dear Chandra, I used the menthol one first and it helped stop DS itching as well. I just use the plain one now as all the itching has gone. Good idea beachyhead, my friend is going to the US in a few weeks, thanks

Chandra Tue 01-Feb-05 20:46:34

Unbelievable! Used it today for the first time and the infected flare I have been trying to clear for nearly three weeks (using fucidin and Eucerin) is almost gone! Compared to Eucerin it is also very cheap (almost half the price). If the thing continues to "perform" well by the end of the week I would be a convert.

Potty1 Tue 01-Feb-05 21:17:57

Another Aveeno fan here too - we have it on repeat prescription.

melsy Tue 01-Feb-05 21:39:27

I have it bad around my eyes, would it be good for that ?? Im using E45 and a little H/Q but nothing keeps it down for long. I suddnely cant use certain make up Ive used for YEARs and if I do, I wake up with one eye closed and swollen and skin scaley and bright red.

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