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Gift ideas needed for Congratulations on your MBE

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Jbck Fri 28-Jan-05 19:23:08

My friend was awarded an MBE in the New Years Honours & I'd like to get her something to commemorate the day when she goes to collect it. Any ideas? Don't really want to do flowers and she has so much jewellery Her Madge will be blinded by the bling if I bought her something to wear on the big day. I'd really like something a bit different but not too expensive (under £50) & not fussy she's quite a simple(not frilly or frou frou I mean) person. Also not a handbag or scarf person. You can see my problem

Whizzz Fri 28-Jan-05 19:30:29

A nice photo frame to put a photo in of her at Buck Palace ? You could get it engraved too.
Congrats to your friend by the way - what does she do ?

Hausfrau Fri 28-Jan-05 19:57:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jbck Sun 30-Jan-05 17:03:49

Thanks Whizzz I think I'll go with the photo-frame idea. I personally think she got it for services to the takeaway industry cos she keeps them in business. She does volunteering & different stuff along with a full time job & some big personal hurdles to overcome so I guess that's the real reason. I'll let her know what it stands for Hausfrau she'll appreciate that.

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