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trampoline recommendations?

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shrub Fri 28-Jan-05 16:22:37

we are looking for a 12/14ft round one with safety net. anyone got any suggestions?

shrub Fri 28-Jan-05 16:27:28

forgot to add that it must be really bouncy

joandkids Fri 28-Jan-05 16:50:31

body sculpture exactly what you want..try Makro..

starlover Fri 28-Jan-05 19:08:06

no suggestions i am afraid... but the kids I used to look after had one and it's the best thing EVER!

shrub Fri 28-Jan-05 19:58:33


Rafaella Fri 28-Jan-05 22:39:26

TP Toys do a range in various prices with bounce surrounds. They are excellent.

milliways Fri 28-Jan-05 22:46:26

We've got a 14' Supertramp - it's fab. Went to a place where you could try them all out, & it's much tighter sprung than TP - can take more weight. It gets used in all weathers, kids become v.popular!

phoebeki Fri 28-Jan-05 22:56:25

We have a 14ft diameter one from GB Trampolines, bought via the web. It has been out in all weathers for 3 yrs and is great.

Anteater Sat 29-Jan-05 00:48:38

The best tip I can give is simply dig the Trampoline into the ground; Its loads safer, more accesable, wont blow away and look a whole lot better!! If you want photo and instuctions CAT me.

SueW Sat 29-Jan-05 01:06:39

We have TP and it's great.

One of DD's classmates (Y3) achieved a broken arm at the beginning of the school year even with a safety net so pleae don't look on them as completely accident-proof.

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