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Where can I buy lovely little cakes in central London?

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lulupop Fri 28-Jan-05 08:56:39

Am thinking more of the tiny petit four type cakes you get on cake stands if you go for tea at Claridges etc, than larger Patisserie Valerie type slices.

Best friend has had baby and I'm going to visit her this afternoon. I want to take a nice edible treat in form of beautiful cakes but not sure where to get them? She's in St Thomas' so I don't really want to flog over to Knightsbridge to get the cakes - any recommendations for where I can get some in the W1 area?

bettys Fri 28-Jan-05 09:28:17

Konditor & Cook in Roupell St just by Waterloo do fab little square cakes (fondants?) and all manner of gorgeous things

fuzzywuzzy Fri 28-Jan-05 09:41:22

Theres amato, on the same road as Patisserie valerie but on the other end near the Charing cross road side.

Moomina Fri 28-Jan-05 10:17:06

There's a lovely little place on Bedford St in Covent Garden called Paul. French boulangerie/patisserie with lots of delicious cakes last time I went. I'm sure they would do petit fours.

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