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lighter thingy for candles

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TracyK Thu 27-Jan-05 20:13:49

anyone know what they're called or where to get them?

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 20:15:39

Christian shops (where they sell all those crucifixes and books and stuff) and also hippy shops sell them.

TracyK Thu 27-Jan-05 20:17:25

the gas type ones you see on tv being used??

Snugs Thu 27-Jan-05 20:21:30

Asda do them, as do Lakeland and Betterware. You can get refillable or disposable ones. Price range £1.99 to about £9.00 (can you tell I just bought one )

TracyK Thu 27-Jan-05 20:25:09

great just found it for 2.49 on betterware. good and cheap bday pressie for dh

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