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bumpto3 - fabulous reductions in January sale!!!

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CelluliteQueen Thu 27-Jan-05 19:52:08


Red Castle Tikamak baby carrier. Was £38.95, now £4.50!

Baby Bjorn Front Carrier. Was £49.95, now £15.

Footmuff. Was £44.95, now £10.

Tomy Walkabout Classic Monitor. Was £29.95, now £10.

Better still, you get a further 10% off if your order comes to more than £45!

Lots more bargains too.


Gobbledigook Thu 27-Jan-05 20:16:13

Cool - I have ordered the wooden fire engine and firefighters and the wooden Noah's Ark and will put away for Xmas! What an old scrooge eh!

Nearly bought the wooden fire engine etc at full price this Xmas though so quite chuffed I've got it cheap for next year

This site is great for alerting me to bargains!

Got the M&S £15 down from £100 wooden fort stashed away too!!

PicadillyCircus Thu 27-Jan-05 20:21:15

Just having a look now

Gem13 Thu 27-Jan-05 20:22:08

Me too

blueteddy Fri 28-Jan-05 16:56:18

Lots of the good bargins seem to have sold out now.

milge Fri 28-Jan-05 17:18:01

Brilliant CQ thank you. Got muddy puddles all in one, and sposh UV suits for my DT's, at a bargain price. A lot of the toys were sold out,clothes and grobags still available.

Roobie Fri 28-Jan-05 17:43:04

Just got a newborn grobag for £12

smellymelly Fri 28-Jan-05 18:04:43

Thanks - I got 3 sunsuits for this summer, and a pair of little leather shoes. Unfortuneately the baby carriers had sold out, but I still did well.

lilsmum Fri 28-Jan-05 19:44:42

i cant get on this site at all

janeybops Fri 28-Jan-05 19:49:24

Thanks have bought sun suits and presents for forthcoming years birthdays. Everyone is getting a stacking chicken with an egg at the bottom!

Kelly1978 Mon 31-Jan-05 14:00:17

Thanks CQ - I got a couple of the footmuffs for my buggy. No way I was paying £90 for jane ones, got these for £10 each!!!

blueteddy Mon 31-Jan-05 14:05:31

Thanks from me too.
I have just ordered a footmuff for my buggy for £10 rather than £40 0dd!

Gobbledigook Mon 31-Jan-05 14:16:21

Well my order arrived today but the wooden firefighters were missing - apparently 'back order cancelled' - rang them and they said they have no stock and won't get any more! Great - I've now got a fire engine without the matching people!

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 16:53:49

My footmuff arrived today & is great!

Kelly1978 Tue 01-Feb-05 17:00:04

did u get the blue or the light racer blueteddy?

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 17:02:12

I got the light racer.

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 17:06:08

I see that you ordered some too.
What colour did u go 4?
I cannot believe that you can get footmuffs that cost £90!

Kelly1978 Tue 01-Feb-05 17:53:44

I've ordered the light racer too, been wondering what it is like, cos the pics all show blue on the site. The footmuffs to match my twin buggy are £45 each, def way too much.

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 17:57:45

Oh right. Do you have twins?
The light racer one is really nice.
It is charcoal grey with a black fleecy lining.
I personally think it looks better than the blue one looked in the picture.
It seems nice & warm & will go great with my buggy.

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 17:59:38

Sorry, it is a lighter grey. Kind of silvery grey.
Dont know why I said charcoal grey!
Nice anyway!

Kelly1978 Tue 01-Feb-05 18:03:15

Mmm sounds nice! Hopefully mine will be here soon. I have twins due in April, so everything is twice the expense, def need to save where I can!

blueteddy Tue 01-Feb-05 18:06:17

I can imagine you do!
Do you know that blooming marvellous have an on line sale.
They had a lot of baby clothes reduced, but all too small for my ds.

Kelly1978 Tue 01-Feb-05 18:13:41

I really have to stop buying clothes, was down Next at 5.30am for the new years sale and bought half the store! It's so easy to get carried away when trying to co-ordinate pairs of outfits. I'm hanging on now to see how big they are.
I'm now looking around for the boring things such as feeding equip and stuff. Ds was supposed to be my last, so I gave away everything he had!

Roobie Tue 01-Feb-05 18:23:50

My newborn size grobag has arrived and it's so cute - I've only got the first stage baby size left over from dd (0-6 mths) so it'll be great to put new bubba in his from almost day 1!

poppy101 Sat 05-Feb-05 20:04:01

Quick question about footmuffs, am I right in assuming that the ones in sale on bumpto3 have a section for the harness, to attach to the pushchair straps ?? Never used a footmuff before and very curious about them ??

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