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Did anyone see the 'juicers' on This Morning yesterday?

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Rhiannon Wed 15-Jan-03 10:42:45

The lovely Fern promised to be recommending juicers yesterday but I missed it. Did anyone see it and what did and didn't they recommend. TIA.

Temptress Wed 15-Jan-03 10:59:34

I saw it and I think the one by Anthony Worral Thompson (not sure if that not is exactly right) was one of the favourites but also one of the more expensive. I think the other favourite was a moulineux one but whereas with the first you could put items in whole with the second you had to cut them up first. The advantage of the second was that you could put it in your dishwasher and it was also cheaper. Hope this helps!

Temptress Wed 15-Jan-03 10:59:51

I meant to say not sure if that name is right

GeorginaA Wed 15-Jan-03 12:43:10

Do bear in mind that putting some fruits/veg in whole isn't always a good idea. Many of the juicing sites I was looking at actively discourage putting apples in whole as the seeds have trace amounts of cyanide in them. Not supposedly enough to cause harm, but not something I'd risk, especially if intending to give the juice to ds!

GeorginaA Wed 15-Jan-03 12:43:35

That said, I like the Anthony Worral Thompson one too... if only I could justify the money!

SoupDragon Wed 15-Jan-03 12:55:36

Has anyone used the Kenwood smoothie maker?

Rhiannon Wed 15-Jan-03 16:04:30

I've seen that on QVC (another place I can't keep my nose out of!). It's about £31 and looked rather nice. But I've just ordered the exercise ski machine thing and the insulated bowls. How sad am I?

Temptress Wed 15-Jan-03 16:05:32

I have one of the Kenwood smoothie it for xmas and its brilliant. I am not a big fruit eater although I do like it. However I love all the different flavours mixed in a smoothie.

SoupDragon Wed 15-Jan-03 16:16:03

Smoothies are the only fruit my 2 DSs "eat" so we were thinking of getting one. I was just worried that it was one of those things that doesn't live up to the advertising

Temptress Wed 15-Jan-03 16:19:55

I think its great and it comes with a little recipe book as well which also contains a few recipes for the adults! ; )

Bozza Wed 15-Jan-03 16:30:44

GeorginaA - whats that about apple pips? My DS eats them. He insists on eating apples whole (like Daddy) but eats from bottom to top rather than outside in) and the other day I gave him one while shopping and he was still eating it on the way home in the car in the dark. Anyway when we got home all that was left was the slightly chewed stalk. It was a few days ago so I'm not really panicking.

bundle Wed 15-Jan-03 16:38:58

Rhiannon...I read that as "insulated bowels" I thought you were VERY sad

RosieT Wed 15-Jan-03 16:43:48

Bozza – my FIL eats apples – pips and all – all the time, and has done for years. He SEEMS ok, and he's a doctor, so you'd think he'd know. Also, I seem to remember him saying something about the health properties of apple pips. I'll ask him when I see him at the weekend.

GeorginaA Wed 15-Jan-03 16:45:25

Bozza if they eat them whole I don't think there's a problem at all- it's the act of them being crushed that releases the cyanide apparently.

I have read an anecdote of a student committing suicide after learning in a lecture about different natural poisons by crushing a bowl full of apple seeds and eating the lot, but I suspect it's an urban myth

Temptress Wed 15-Jan-03 16:55:24

But dont apples seeds get crushed in your mouth when you bite!

Bozza Wed 15-Jan-03 16:56:09

No need to worry then - the length of time it takes DS to eat an apple he would be retired by the time he'd eaten a bowl full of pips Thats why they're so good for keeping him occupied when shopping.

Bozza Wed 15-Jan-03 16:57:44

And Temptress - judging by the state of DS's nappies - a lot of food passes through his mouth without having been bitten....

Yes, I know, too much information.

Rhiannon Wed 15-Jan-03 22:19:47

Well, what shall I get then?

Don't want to spend £90 (Anthony Worrall Thompson one) on a cupboard dust collector. Do the bits of this one go in the dishwasher? Has anyone got one and would you recommend it?

prufrock Thu 16-Jan-03 11:45:41

I bought dh the Magimix le duo juicer and a Waring Blender for his bday 2 years ago. They both get used EVERY morning. All the bits go in the dishwasher (its actually really fiddly to clean the juicer centre bit by hand). I wouldn't buy teh smoothie maker - a normal blender is just as good. Our options were expensive - but very hardwearing and so easy to use that we do use them. The blender can be used for lots of other stuff as well. I find you don't really need a recipe book, just make your own up.

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