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Help - I think I've bought the wrong sized mattress

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Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 08:50:35

I bought two mamas and papas cots, and ordered two new standard sized sprung mattresses from eBay. They arrived this morning and there is a bit of a gap between the cot and the mattress. I checked and the recommended mattress size is 62.5 x 128cms and I've only got 60 x 120.

What should I do? Is a gap of a few cms likely to be dangerous? I don't think I can get refund on tehm.

Amanda3266 Thu 27-Jan-05 08:53:51


Try asking for a refund - if they're new does the seller have other sizes they'd be prepared to swap them for. Otherwise I suggest e-baying them yourself or putting them in the local paper.


Sorry - that's not really a lot of help is it?

LIZS Thu 27-Jan-05 08:58:26

This is from the Mothercare site advice page on mattresses :-

"Safety first

It is very important to have the right size mattress. The gap between the mattress and cot sides and ends should not be more than 4 cm. If it is any larger than this, your baby could get an arm or leg trapped in the gap."

It sounds as if you could be within this tolerance - just - assuming that there was no allowance already made on the recommended size. Of course they want you to buy new ones anyway.

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 08:59:12

I checked the seller policies, and it's no refunds. She only does cot and cotbed sizes as well. The recomended mattress seems to be a strange size, I don't know if it is limited to just mamas and papas that retail that size.

nnosam Thu 27-Jan-05 09:00:41

99% of shops/website do offer a 28 day money back thing. you may also find that if they do sell the right size you will be able to do a swap for them.
i have also found with websites, that if you phone them with a problem rather then emailing them they tend to be a bit nicer .
best of luck. hope you get a good result

MINIMAX Thu 27-Jan-05 10:28:42

Can you try padding it out with a blanket or something (safely of course!)?


Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 10:31:27

Thanks for the replies! According to the information Liz left, I am jsut within limits, so I might be able to get away with a rolled up blanket at the opposite end to baby, to stop the mattress shifting. Will talk to dp 2n and see what he thinks.
Twins are expensive enough as it is, I really can't afford to buy another two!!

MINIMAX Thu 27-Jan-05 10:35:51

Our matress is a little bit smaller than the cot and that was bought from Mothercare as the right size. By the time you've got blankets, etc tucked in, it fits a bit snugger. Twins - WOW! Hard work I'm sure, but worth it!


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