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Help! My DD keeps getting her arm out of her carseat harness. Advice Please

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Izabella Thu 19-Jun-08 18:59:00

Any help would be much appreciated.

My DD is nearly 2 but very skiny and she has developed the knack of getting one of her arms out of her car seat 5 point harness. I have seen a product in a catalog picture that would hold the harness straps together but I can't find the actual harness clip to purchase for love or money. Done a google search & looked in all the main baby websites. Jojo mama does one but its not suitable for car seats. Hopefully some of you MN ladies have the answer.


CarGirl Thu 19-Jun-08 19:00:46

I bought the jojo one, it isn't approved for use over here but that is what it is designed for. It works, dd got cross and then accepted she couldn't escape anymore and stopped trying. Best £5 I ever spent.

BroccoliSpears Thu 19-Jun-08 19:34:29

I'm lurking because dd can wriggle out of her carseat too.

missorinoco Thu 19-Jun-08 19:35:16

another lurker...ds also does this.

BroccoliSpears Thu 19-Jun-08 19:45:48

The Jojo one is out of stock.

CarGirl Thu 19-Jun-08 20:33:43

I think you can get them on ebay.

Pixiepants Thu 19-Jun-08 21:00:30

Scroll down this link and see if you think the chest clip would be any help?

CarGirl Thu 19-Jun-08 21:25:20

chest clips would do it, that is the sort of position I used mine in.

Izabella Thu 19-Jun-08 23:24:03

Thank you so much Pixie, I'll order those chest clips now! Fab work. Thanks too to Cargirl.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with a little houdini smile

Izabella Fri 20-Jun-08 21:04:01

Just found for the Lock Tite baby harness clip

Pixiepants Fri 20-Jun-08 21:07:03

Oooh, bargain grin

Botbot Fri 20-Jun-08 21:09:06

My dd (also nearly 2) does this too. So I'll be getting the £2.99 chest clip too. Thanks - I didn't know there was a solution to the problem!

alysonpeaches Fri 19-Jun-09 22:45:55

I cant find any lock tite baby harnesses any more. Have they been banned?

Fed up of them wriggling out!

sazm Fri 26-Jun-09 00:42:55

you can buy them,but they are illegal to use as they are not safe,they can cause the harness to fail in a crash,also they can stop your lo being rescued quickly in an emergency,

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