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Ballet shoes - help please !

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LIZS Thu 19-Jun-08 16:33:20

dd has a ballet exam requiring new satin shoes with ribbons (previously was elastic). Before I take scissors to ribbon and thread to needle can I confirm how to do it ! Do I ...

Cut length of ribbon into 4 equal lengths.
Fold back of shoe forwards
Attach ribbons on either side of each shoe where the crease falls


GrapefruitMoon Thu 19-Jun-08 16:34:47

Sounds about right - sew the ribbons on at an angle

LIZS Thu 19-Jun-08 16:40:40

what angle, forwards or backwards ?!!!!

bigcar Thu 19-Jun-08 17:16:34

facing towards the front, along the line the fold makes.

LIZS Fri 20-Jun-08 19:54:55

ok so have attempted this now - will send to lesson tomorrow for approval ! The ribbons are stitched slightly angled forwards to cross over flat against front of her ankle.

heronsfly Fri 20-Jun-08 20:00:14

Sounds right to me, you can also try gently and quickly running a lighter flame across the ends,or putting a bit of clear nail varnish on them instead, they fray very easily,I prefer the lighter method but have had years of practise grin

LIZS Fri 20-Jun-08 20:01:50

Good idea but they tie and trim the ribbons at the exam.

mummyeme Fri 20-Jun-08 20:07:22

Good luck for your dd!

bigcar Fri 20-Jun-08 20:08:33

Fingers crossed they will be impressed! Do you think they will give marks out of 10? grin Good luck to your dd for her exam.

heronsfly Fri 20-Jun-08 20:09:10

yes, good luck from us too, what grade is she taking ?

LIZS Fri 20-Jun-08 20:19:16

Probably behind the scenes, bigcar ! At least I can't be the most pita parent (even though I have insisted on changing dd 's new shoes as felt they were too small) One girl has missed 2 of the 4 extra lessons, and is dd's partner hmm Teachers have the joy of putting the hair into a bun on Monday too. She's only doing Primary !!

bigcar Fri 20-Jun-08 20:36:38

Hopefully then your dd will look really good! Ah yes, exam hair, hair that stays up on its own without the help of grips and nets! Make sure you have plenty of shampoo and conditioner ready.

LIZS Sun 21-Jun-09 11:26:39

ok it is that time of year again ! Have got new shoes but they don't come with ribbon so the shop sold it separately on a reel. Roughly how long should each section be ? I have last year's here but they may have trimmed after tieing for the exam.

MrsWeasley Mon 29-Jun-09 18:50:13

I used to measure against previous pair and add another 5 or 6 inches.

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