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Piggy Bank search

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Nattie Tue 14-Jan-03 00:12:53

Does anyone know where or whether china piggy banks can still be bought?

thank you

GeorginaA Tue 14-Jan-03 08:00:27

Yes - has quite a nice range of moneyboxes including the traditional china pig - plus you can get personal details inscribed on the side which is a nice touch. Have used them before (for the Delft birth plates) and have found them efficient, reliable and helpful.

helenl Tue 14-Jan-03 08:44:36

Asda have some pottery piggy banks in at the moment for about £3 and they are quite big and cute, would these be any good?

GillW Tue 14-Jan-03 11:03:25

I asked this before Christmas - and eventually found a nice one in a Fair Trade shop in York. It was only about £3 if I remember rightly.

Nattie Tue 14-Jan-03 14:15:27

This is why I like this site so much - I've been searching everywhere for pottery pigs and now I've found some.

thank you

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