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I want a really cheap Laptop just for basic writing, where do i find one?

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Branster Tue 25-Jan-05 20:59:19

I'm fed up with being hidden away at the top of the house when I work in the evenings (nights) and want a really cheap basic laptop so I can do any writing work downstairs on the sofa. i don't need internet connection, games or any other softaware on it. In fact I can put the software I need on it myself. All the proper work I can still do here because I need to concentrate, but the writing can be done on the sofa or on a bed somewhere.
How do i find one and where? I mean really cheap, like a second hand thing.
Any ideas? And how would I know it works if I buy it online or from ebay?

pixel Tue 25-Jan-05 23:56:40

We've got one if you are interested. We were going to put it on ebay. Our son was using it but it's not fast enough to play his games. Dh says it is perfect for word processing. It's a Toshiba Tectra pentium 1, 32 megaram, windows 98 se. I know you don't really want it for the internet but it has been on our wireless network ok and it has an internal cdrom and printer port. Quite an old machine but good working order (perfect screen). We were going to put it on for a buy-it-now price of £50 including postage. CAT me if you are interested!

Branster Wed 26-Jan-05 00:02:30

That sounds good pixel. that's exactly what I need. I have to talk to DH first and will let you know. Where about are you?

Branster Wed 26-Jan-05 00:08:24

has it got a floppy drive? i would need to tranfer the files from one computer to another and then back.

Branster Wed 26-Jan-05 11:38:57

Hi pixel,

I've spoken to DH about this graet find on here and he told me he can borrow a laptop from work. It just goes to show how much communication there is in this household!
So I wouldn't be buying youra after all. I'm sorry. I should think you can sell it for more on ebay. i ahd a look last night and there are lots of bids on laptops, yours would be an absolute bargain at this price . It would have been perfect for me but now it's all sorted and DH will bring me one home tonight.
Thank you very much for your help and great offer!

pixel Wed 26-Jan-05 13:31:28

never mind then! I'll have to make the effort now and put it on ebay! (perhaps I should try for a bit more you think?)

Glad you are all sorted.

Branster Wed 26-Jan-05 20:50:03

I'd have thought you can put a starting price of £40 and let them bid for it. If you say free P&P in the title, you might get more interest even. good luck!

DH brought his laptop tonight so I'm looking forward to doing my typing whilst watching desperate wives. how sad is that?!

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