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Soraya1 Tue 25-Jan-05 18:21:14

Going to buy a highchair in next few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any particular recommendations - I was thinking of getting a Mothercare Atlanta - has anyone else had one of these? Looking to spend up to about £60 and want one that folds up.

starlover Tue 25-Jan-05 18:26:27

I don't have one... but am getting one!
They look nice and comfy, easy to wipe clean, fold down nice and flat... and the best bit? the foot rest is adjustable!
and reasonable price as well.

jane313 Tue 25-Jan-05 18:42:32

I got a very cheap cosatto one in a sale and its been mostly ok but there are 2 things I hate about it. You cannot take the covers and strap off to wash in a machine which is a *big pain*.(food gets ingrained in webbing, corners and harness clip). And it had a stupid cup holder thing which hardly any cup fits and just ends up with bits of food in and it ia also hard to clean. If I was going to buy one again and could spend £60 I would make sure it was machine washable. Don't know what your one looks like!

auntymonkey Wed 26-Jan-05 15:17:09

Hi Soraya1.

It's worth spending a bit more and getting a Tripp Trapp - most of my friends with older kids say that they didnt like highchairs after a while but Tripp Trapp was more like a real grown up chair. My daughter loves hers. But at cheaper end the Ikea antelop is only £11 and is absolutely fantastic. Doesn't fold but seems to be a real hit with kids.

yummimummi Wed 26-Jan-05 15:32:01

My daughter Maddy seems to prefer her fabric highchair, so I've practically stopped using her normal highchair! We have a Totseat and she finds it really comfortable and it washes of course. this
or ebay sells all of the branded highchairs (cosatto, tripp trapp) far cheaper than I've seen anywhere else.

EnlightenedFlum Wed 26-Jan-05 16:02:51

Ikea one which is £14.50. It doesn't fold out but you can pull the legs out and put it away. Having said that you may not mind having it out as its pretty discrete and doesn't seem to take over the room as lots of high chairs do.

I love mine. Wipes down easy peasy and no little places for food to sneak into. Also no foot rest so baby can't attempt to climb out.

galaxy Wed 26-Jan-05 16:04:33

We had a normal highchair but the ended up buying a Tripp Trapp. It's great and will last for years as a normal chair. They're over your price range for now but the long-term use will make it worth spending a bit more. We got ours from Back in Action for £95

hercules Wed 26-Jan-05 16:06:43

Another vote for the ikea one. With the tray it was £14. I got rid of a more expensive one to have it and my sister wants to get rid of her expensive one to get one too.
It's light, discrete and easy to clean.

Fimbo Wed 26-Jan-05 16:15:11

I have an ikea one as well. Its the same one they use in their restaurants. The seat comes off the legs and the legs then fold up for travelling etc. My ds is pretty big for his age and can sit in it with their lap strap belt but for a smaller child this might not be an option.

Kelly1978 Wed 26-Jan-05 16:34:25

Has anyone had the mamas and papas doldinino ( I think that's what it is)? It converts to a motorised rocker, and I was thinking of getting a couple fo them for my babies due in April.

Soraya1 Thu 27-Jan-05 14:06:08

Thanks for the ideas everyone, hadn't thought of Ikea, might have to check that out, sounds like a major bargain!

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