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iTunes unavailable for new iPod... help

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sansouci Tue 25-Jan-05 12:57:34

I'm desperate. DH gave me a much-desired iPod for Xmas & I've just discovered that I can't buy music for it from iTunes because we live in Switzerland. Even though we have bank accounts in the UK, our home/billing address is in Switzerland. Is there any way around this? This is probably a shot in the dark as most MNers wouldn't have this problem UK but I thought I'd ask...

joandkids Wed 26-Jan-05 18:57:22

You can still load from CD via the PC..its sometimes cheaper to buy the CD and do it this way, CD libraries loan for free in the could try

sansouci Wed 26-Jan-05 21:27:07

Thanks, joandkids. By pure coincidence, I found an article in Monday's local paper on the demand for iTunes in Switzerland. It's apparently "being considered" but nothing definite for the time being. I know I can download my CDs, but never thought about a CD library! Have you heard of Musicmatch? Is it any good?

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