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CD/DVD Storage - help please

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Nimme Mon 24-Jan-05 11:31:26

I am looking for CD and DVD storage. It needs to be rather large as we have big collection of both (500+ CDs and 200+ DVDs). I am rather fussy on looks and price - and have size issues as well.

Where can I find something either contemporary or perhaps even Oriental - but big is the key here??

Can anybody help??

marialuisa Mon 24-Jan-05 11:34:41

We have a wonderfully practical CD/DVD rack that DH ordered over from the States. it's a bit Urban loft for my tastes but isn't that noticeable when full. He's coming over at lunctime so I'll get the website from him. Wasn't very expensive but he searched for ages to find anything to do the job.

Nimme Mon 24-Jan-05 11:37:38

thanks marialuisa - what do yuo mean by Urban loft??

marialuisa Mon 24-Jan-05 11:44:32

Found it all by myself, here

So, a bit masculine for me, but when it's full it's not too noticeable. It's narrower than a bookshelf but apparently it's the slidey bits that hold the CDs in place that makes this so wonderful! In fairness DH does have a point, you can move things around without a whole row collapsing!

serenity Mon 24-Jan-05 12:01:10

We've got three of these in the darker colours, but we have the bookcases too so they kind of blend in.

Nimme Tue 25-Jan-05 09:56:20

marialuisa - thank you. Yes they are a bit macho - too much for my living room. But I get the point about the sliders - and it is nice and big.

serenity - these are my fallback. Already have to sofas from there and scared my new lovely living room will end up looking like an Ikea advert!!!

I have seen some super ideas at a place called Triskom - but they cost more than £2k, dammit.

serenity Tue 25-Jan-05 12:24:54

I've given up. I spent so much time there I ended up getting a job there, I now get staff discount so I shop there even more

Its those damn £1 breakfasts that do it. Poodle along after I've dropped DSs off at school, me and DD have a nice relaxing brekkie, and then I end up wandering around spending money. Evil, addictive place....

Nimme Tue 25-Jan-05 16:24:21

lol serenity

Can only say thank god I live far enough away or I would be the same. Getting a job there sounds like an excellent idea - very crafty!

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