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Adult Trike question : Nihola KangarooTriobike Christiania - which one??? !!!!

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selee Mon 09-Jun-08 06:36:13

Hi! I am very excited as we are going to be getting one of these, we have decided it is best for us, the environment and our fitness levels! We have narrowed it down to the ..
Triobike and the

Any one who has one of these, could you let me know your thoughts and opinions. We have two little boys, who are nearly age 1 and 2. I would like it to be a longlasting, reliable vehicle, where I can do future school runs, and trips, and be able to put shopping in it etc. I live in a mainly flat area, quite bike-friendly. I would like it to be fairly comfy for my boys, and with suitable hanrnessing and seats etc.

Many thanks!!!

selee Mon 09-Jun-08 18:28:10


selee Thu 12-Jun-08 14:45:35

anyone? Thanks.

UpSinceCrapOClock Fri 13-Jun-08 08:35:54


Am very envy as would love one of these - will hopefully be able to buy one next year though!

I have never seen a Triobike or a Kangaroo, but round here there are heaps of Nihola and Christiania bikes. I think they are very similar (price, accessories and usage-wise) although I always used to think that the Christiania bikes were very bulky and huge (and I hated getting stuck behind them in bike traffic pre-children!) however, I think they have modernised them a lot now. Also, I have often seen adults riding in the Christiania bikes (love it when I see a bloke cycling his pg partner round!) but I don't think I have ever seen an adult in a Nihola bike?

I really love the Nihola bikes though and am keen to get one of these. You can still get them to fit up to 3 children, but they are a bit more compact than the Christiania bikes imo (or at least seem that way!) I suppose it depends on the place where you live?

I haven't tried cycling with either of them yet, but it does seem as though the Nihola bikes might be a bit lighter/easier? There are a couple of mums at dd's nursery who have them, so I'll ask next time I bump into them!

Good luck!

selee Fri 13-Jun-08 09:23:20

Thanks so much for your information, great to know you've seen some in the flesh so to speak. I have changed my mind a few times on which one I prefer...but, I really do now think that the Nihola is the best for what we need. It looks the easist to ride and the most lightweight. Please let me know if the other mums with these bikes have any other thoughts to add. I would love to hear.

Also my boys are 10 months and 23 months old. Do you know if these seats would be ok for them on the Nihola, or the other bikes?

Where do you live btw, do you mind me asking, I have never seen a front carrier bike where I am!


littlefrog Fri 13-Jun-08 09:29:24

our neighbour has a christiania and LOVES it, she has one dd of maybe 5? and a tiny dog. But I've seen her with 3 or 4 children in it before now.
never tried one myself, and it can't fit through our gate, so they're out for us anyway...

UpSinceCrapOClock Fri 13-Jun-08 09:33:10

I think they should be fine for that age - I've seen babies at probably around 6 months in the Nihola in them, in something similar to a carseat. You buy the 'shell' as it were and then design the rest yourself with the extras (bench, seats, straps, seatbelts, roof etc).

Will let you know when I manage to speak to some mums who use them.

I live in Denmark, so very much bike culture

UpSinceCrapOClock Fri 13-Jun-08 09:34:13

(Delet the 'in them' in the pp - am typing one-handed!)

selee Sat 14-Jun-08 08:37:24

Upsincecropoclock - did you see any of those mums? So exciting!

Nbg Sat 14-Jun-08 09:22:34

I've got excited just looking at the sites!
They are brilliant.

Dh got an immaculate mountain bike off freecycle and since then we've been talking about getting us all out on bikes.
The youngest are just under 2 and 6 months so something like one of these bikes would be great for us.

Having looked at the sites though, I think the Trio stands out most.
It looks more modern and a bit easier on the eye unlike the christiania and Nihola.
I like the fact that you can use it as a pushchair so for me, when my dd starts school in Sept, I can take it into town with both the ds's and wander round with it grin
Not only that, you can pick what colours you want.

Now, where can I find two grand grin

UpSinceCrapOClock Sun 15-Jun-08 08:49:07

Selee - not yet, will post when I do!

NBG - you can get the Nihola and Christiania ones in different colours too, although agree the Trio looks very practical (the Nihola and Christiania ones are about 500 pounds cheaper though!)

selee Mon 16-Jun-08 08:09:25

I don't suppose anyone knows anyone selling a second hand Nihola or similar bike in the UK ? I so want one! But they are pretty expensive so i'm on the lookout......

DLeeds Mon 16-Jun-08 08:57:53


You might be interested in these two threads:

this one

and this one

There are other cargo bike lovers on here!

Also have you seen these dutch sites?

dutch bike porn

and more lovely bikes

selee Mon 16-Jun-08 22:09:14

thanks dleeds, great to see! fab trikes/bikes!!!

selee Fri 20-Jun-08 22:49:31

Any other thoughts?

MichaelE Mon 23-Jun-08 22:42:52

I believe that the Zigo Leader is by far the best product in the adult trike category; of course as the founder of Zigo, I'm entitled to this opinion smile. Please see for more info and be sure to watch our video.

babydriver Tue 24-Jun-08 22:26:56

Like the look of the zigo - and other trikes. Shame I haven't got £1000 lying around... But if I did, how feasible is it to use one of these for two kids as they get a bit older - I've got a 4.5 yr old and a 16mo old. What's the oldest the kids can get to and still fit? I realise I shd be getting the oldest to cycle himself soon but for longer trips I might not want to.

LadybirdLorax Sat 05-Jul-08 19:07:58

I have a Nihola. The big difference with the Nihola is that it has independent steering. I also am pretty sure it's narrower than the others - this is an issue if, like me, you need to get through country gates. The Trio is very 'designy' but a monster, IMO, and also the riding position is more hunched over. If you don't need the extra facilities it offers (turning into a two wheeler and a pram) then IMO you're paying for stuff you won't use. I'm also a believer in getting one thing that does one job: so a good buggy, a good two wheeler, a good trike iyswim. The Kangaroo I have ridden, I didn't like it as much as the Nihola. It's also fun to take the cover off the Nihola, you can't do that with the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo is also wider and doesn't age as well (in looks, I don't know about function).

But really you should test drive them! I did and really surprised myself with what I ended up getting. Whatever you decide these trikes hold their value really well and I think will only continue to do so with petrol prices the way they are! (Even though you have to cycle a lot to save enough to pay for it, iyswim!!). Also...a great way to keep fit.

You can fit more shopping, with children, in a Nihola and a Christiana than you can in the Trio or Kangaroo. This is a real issue for me.

amazonianwoman Mon 22-Sep-08 13:43:28

LadybirdLorax - are you around?!

Now that you've (hopefully) been using your Nihola for a few months now, are you still happy with it? grin I've started the school run, so now I'm really keen to look at one, as I really don't like towing a bike trailer behind me...

Can you ride it with the hood on but pushed back iykwim? Manchester weather is too unpredictable (wet) to risk many journeys without rain protection.

Can you manoeuvre the Nihola through offset barriers - the ones where you sort of have to cut through them diagonally - not sure if that makes sense?

Any technical issues? Is your daughter happy in it?

Just trying to arm myself with as much info as possible before I trek down to London to hopefully see one in the flesh.

Thanks in anticipation, again smile

LadybirdLorax Wed 26-Nov-08 17:41:54

I'm really sorry not to have replied before. I don't get on here very often. Not sure what you mean by offset barriers, sorry. My daughter loves it but we've not used it these last few weeks as it's been awful weather and I've got lazy.

You can't push the hood back like you can on a buggy (it doesn't concertina), but you can take it off really easily. Or you can sort of fold it back (but it still be on). Not sure if there's a facility to PM people on here but if you want more info please don't hesitate if it's not too late.

One final thought though. Where do you live? I can't get mine serviced locally and London Recumbents after sales service has been rubbish. They're just not interested. So that's a real problem and something I'd urge anyone to consider before spending so much on a bike. The Nihola is still fab, but maybe source it from somewhere else once you've used LR to test drive it!

amazonianwoman Fri 28-Nov-08 23:01:48

Hi Ladybirdlorax, thanks so much for (both) replies- I've tried CATing you but can't get it to work. Hoping you are well...

I really just wanted to know that you still like the Nihola after the novelty/honeymoon period wears off smile Sounds like you do, but can appreciate how hard it is when the weather is rubbish.

As far as I can see, London Recumbents is the only UK supplier? I definitely haven't seen or heard of any up north. I do know a great local bike repairer whom I'm sure would have a go at any servicing (for a price!)

We've planned a London trip in the New Year to have a play with a Nihola at LR, so hoping to make a Spring purchase grin

bellabike Tue 08-Sep-09 19:37:08


If you are looking for an alternative to the trikes already mentioned, the Danish bellabike is now available in the UK through ((

I've had mine for almost a year now and love it to bits. I can do the school run with my 6,4 and 2 year old, while the 8 year old cycles.

In fact we loved it so much that we decided to set up a company to import them,

We loved the rear wheel steering, so easy to steer and an amazing turning circle. I even got to design the box to my taste. We chose the New York taxi design, but you can be as creative as your imagination will allow you to be!

I know how difficult it is test riding all of those available with kids, so we can arrange to bring the Bellabike to you.Call for details on 01425 270774.

Also really happy to share my thoughts about this breed of bike in general.

kayan Tue 20-Jan-15 09:21:16

Hi all
Wonder if anyone know how to buy a second hand one in the UK? tried looking at getting it across from EU but have no idea about shipping.

Many thanks

LStratford Sat 07-Feb-15 22:31:55

I have a second hand Christiania trike to sell - anyone interested?

kw1234 Wed 18-Feb-15 22:33:21

How much are you asking for your Christiania? And where are you located?

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