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Wrap over vests that fasten under the nappy

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pickledonion Sat 22-Jan-05 15:07:21

My sil has just given birth to a lovely little boy - we visited her in hospital and asked if there was anything she needed / wanted for her new ds - well she has asked for some wrap over vests that fasten with poppers underneath.

have looked in mothercare today and the only ones i could see were the ones what don't fasten underneath -

So does anyone know we're i can wrap over vests that fasten with popppers under the nappy.

blossom2 Sat 22-Jan-05 15:10:02

I've seen wrap bodysuits that fasten at the side and under the nappy at Petit Batteau.

janeybops Sat 22-Jan-05 15:10:44

Primark ones are excellent quality and wash well. Don't be put off by the fact it is Primark. IME they were better than the M&S ones which stretched out of shape.

mummytojames Sat 22-Jan-05 15:10:58

primark 7 for five pounds
tescos also pack of seven cant remember how much
poundstreachers cant remember how big the packs were or how much not expensive though

mummytojames Sat 22-Jan-05 15:12:25

jane a women after my own heart brought most of ds clothes from there because there good quality for money

pickledonion Sat 22-Jan-05 15:13:53

unfortunately don't have a primark - will have a look at Petit batteau

pickledonion Sat 22-Jan-05 15:44:12

Anyone else - they only seem to have long sleeve ones at petit batteau

janeybops Sat 22-Jan-05 15:44:36

Got dd 3 pairs of trousers and ds 1 pair of trousers for £3.50 this morning in Primark. All reduced to £1 or 50p - what a bargain!

pootlepod Sat 22-Jan-05 15:51:00

Verbaudet do long and short sleeved ones, only available mail order (or shops in France) though, see here
but much cheaper than petit bateau.

BadHair Sat 22-Jan-05 15:52:50

Is this the sort of thing you mean?

cupcakes Sat 22-Jan-05 15:56:37

What about these at JoJo Maman Bebe. Don't forget I think there's 10% off if you use the mumsnet link.

lulupop Sat 22-Jan-05 18:01:04

petit bateau do do this style with short sleeves, and they are the best IMO but expensive. my baby was so little, the mothercare envelope neck ones which ds had had just gaped on her, and this wrapover style was the only kind that fitted.

you can ring an individual store and they are very helpful and will send them to you.

Chickyboo Sat 22-Jan-05 18:32:15

Green Baby also do them

Stilltrue Sat 22-Jan-05 18:42:04

The Verbaudet ones are good; I've used them, and Petit bateau, which is lovely but expensive.

WigWamBam Sat 22-Jan-05 19:14:23

Tescos are good, Boots sell them in their Mini Mode range, Woolworths have them, so do H&M.

NameChangingMancMidlander Sat 22-Jan-05 19:17:03

I think Vertbaudet do them too.

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