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have to boast about bargain shoes!!

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misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 18:34:49

sorry mieow, but u said i would do this and i am lol.

got dd1 a pair of clarks boots which she loved a few months ago and outgrew, in her current size for £5. i paid £28 for the 1st pair . dd2 got some purple ankle boots with lights also for £5.

also bought loads of baby clothes in the sale as well.

sparklymieow Fri 21-Jan-05 18:35:50

and I got a pair of Doddles for dd2 for £2 and a lovely pair of boots for Dd1 for £10

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 18:36:22

did they fit dd1?

sparklymieow Fri 21-Jan-05 18:36:45

yep and DD2 are fine too

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 18:37:38


dd1 loves her new boots. she has just fopund them now and tried them on.

sparklymieow Fri 21-Jan-05 18:38:20

bless and does Dd2 love her purple boots??

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 18:39:32

yup. but she loves shoe shopping anyway lol.

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 18:43:07

these are dd1 boots and these are dd2 purple boots

BethAndHerBrood Fri 21-Jan-05 19:43:48

Don't mean to be thick, but did you get them from ebay or a clarkes shop?

smellymelly Fri 21-Jan-05 19:51:57

I got my dd1 the purple ones with lights, but in black, also for £5. (from clarkes)

What a bargain!!

nutcracker Fri 21-Jan-05 20:15:35

I saw the purpole ones in my local Clarls on wednesday but they were a tenner.

Am hoping and praying that they still have some when dp gets paid on 27th but i doubt it.

Lonelymum Fri 21-Jan-05 20:21:07

Can better that I'm afraid. I bought some furry sheepskin type bootie slippers for me in M&S last week. I asked dh how much he thought I had paid for them. He said £100. The truth? £3!

scaltygirl Fri 21-Jan-05 20:23:21

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Fri 21-Jan-05 20:35:36

What £97? I'm amazed dh thinks I would even contemplate buying a pair of slippers for that amount!

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 23:01:31

i got them from clarks shop in mothercare world in stevenage.

misdee Fri 21-Jan-05 23:04:37

nutcracker, what size u after?

colditzmum Fri 21-Jan-05 23:06:46

I got MYSELF a pair of work shoes (smart flat black) from clarks childrens section last week. Size 5 G fitting, £5. I am so smug

Kayleigh Fri 21-Jan-05 23:08:11

I bought a pair of (adults) shoes in Clarks yesterday and they were £14.99. Think they are the cheapest shoes I have ever bought. Apart from flip flops

JanH Fri 21-Jan-05 23:13:08

My best ever bargain shoes were 2 pairs of trainers (never wear anything else) from Sports Soccer, about 5 years ago - white Nike tennis shoes and black Reebok walking shoes, one pair was £10 and the other £15 although I can't remember which was which. The white ones have died now but the black ones are still going strong.

JanH Fri 21-Jan-05 23:13:41

I am size 8+ so the children's section is no use to me

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