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what to expect(toddler) or baby whisperer toddlers

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Carameli Fri 21-Jan-05 13:03:33

I have had the What to expect first year and beyond book out of the library and liked it as I had already bought the pregnency one and the 1st year one( although dh got a big too involved with checking the monthly bits at the start of each chapter) I also like the baby whisperer before, did not follow it to the letter but found it an easy reay with lots of good ideas to base things on.

I was wondering if anyone has used the toddler one that is now out.

SOULGIRL Sun 23-Jan-05 12:29:53

Dont know what book you are talking about but I used Christopher Greens Toddler Taming. Its really funny & in times of extreme stress assures you that your child is not in fact the antichrist!!

lilsmum Sun 23-Jan-05 12:35:14

i have the toddler book, its really good, worth buying !!

littleweed Sun 23-Jan-05 12:37:00

I've got tht toddler book & look at it from time to time. exactly the same format as the other bbok - I like it as it gives you good ideas about what to expect, adn sesm t hvae a lot of common snese advice. thought teh babay whisperer for toddlers was more applicable to 2 yrs plus rather than 16months or so.

Beccles Sun 23-Jan-05 21:53:15

Message withdrawn

jane313 Sun 23-Jan-05 21:58:42

I am half way through the baby whisperer for toddler book and my son is 19 months. Lots of stuff is for much younger children I found. (ie the food and the development sections). Some is ok but some is a bit annoying but then I found that with the baby book too. Overall I enjoyed the toddler taming book as he was funnier and made it seem like sometimes toddlers just do that whereas she seems to blame the parenting styles more often.

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