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I started a thread about.....

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KatieMac Fri 21-Jan-05 11:21:48

Wooden Play kitchens and I can't find it....can anyone help??

Angeliz Fri 21-Jan-05 11:22:28

Search under your nickname KatieMac

secur Fri 21-Jan-05 11:22:44

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Fri 21-Jan-05 11:30:34

Found it ...archived and under Christmas name


nutcracker Fri 21-Jan-05 11:30:55

Is this it wooden kitchens

nutcracker Fri 21-Jan-05 11:31:46

Oh good, my link doesn't work anyway

KatieMac Fri 21-Jan-05 13:03:09

Thanks Nutcracker

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